Christian baby names inspired from the Bible

It is seen that many books inspire parents to name their babies from the characters of the book. Whether it is about epic tales or divine hand of God, Biblical names are timeless. The baby names inspired from Bible are seen gaining immense popularity. From conventional and traditional Christian baby names to the most stylish ones, baby names have been modified depending upon the trend, influence, and popular variations. Let us see some of the popular Christian baby names that are inspired by the Bible.

Being one of the most popular boy’s names, Jacob has been one of the first choices in the United States as a Christian baby name. The name, till date, remains on top with other names joining the list such as Mathew, Ethan, Joshua, Daniel, Andrew, to name a few. As mentioned in the Bible, Jacob is the son of Rebecca and Isaac. He is also the father of founders of the twelves tribes of Israel.

If you are looking for a Biblical name for your baby boy, then Andrew is one of the preferred Biblical names. The name has its Greek origin and means: a strong man’. Interestingly, the name also means: one of the apostles of our Lord’. This name is extremely common in the Christian world and there have been popular personalities named by this.

Another very prominent and famous Christian baby nameĀ is Abigail. Meaning: the father’s joy’ in Hebrew, the name stands among the most popular ones along with one more name. As mentioned in the Bible, Abigail was an intelligent and attractive third wife of King David. The name Abigail can have variant names like Abi or Gail.

This Biblical name is the Greek equivalent of Hannah, which is the second most popular girl’s names after Abigail. The name can have variations such as Ann or if you want a longer name, then Annelise is a good option.

If you are looking for some popular yet meaningful names for your baby, then you should keep these top preferences handy. Every Biblical name has deep meaning attached to it, you can choose from a range of Christian baby names as per your likes.