Choosing the perfect sunglasses: From Ray Ban to much more

Sunglasses are an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe today since they keep the sun out and style quotient high. A pair of good glares is not just about looking good and being trendy – it is also about protecting yourself from the harmful impact of UV rays which can wreck havoc on your eyes and skin.

When it comes to brands, Ray Ban sunglasses have always been a classic favorite that most people like to flaunt. Available in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors, these glares have enhanced the appearance of commoners as well as celebrities. There are many features of a Ray Ban or any good pair of sunglasses which make them a sensible fashion investment. So let us find out how one can choose a good pair of glares.

• One of the most important things that one needs to look at is the shape of the glasses. Ray Ban boasts of a variety of shapes that can suit many types of faces. The Ray Ban range has some classic shapes like aviators, wraparounds, tea-shades and more than you can find in most other brands.

• For example, the Aviators are inspired by the flying boys and their slightly titled circles which make for easy flying. But as a fashion accessory, you will need to check out the various shapes that are available before you decide on buying a pair.

• The shape should complement your facial features as well as your cheekbones, without hiding your features or making them look unnatural.

• The tint of the shades will also depend on the location where you are staying, the outfit that you have thought of pairing with it, as well as your complexion.

• A pair of blue tinted aviators by Ray Ban could be perfectly trendy, but you may still have to check if the tint will look good on you. Also, you will need to choose the time of the day when you plan to wear the same.

• If you are living in a particularly warm region, then it would be best to buy a pair that is tinted with a black hue so that you keep the sun out effectively during the day.

• Also, if it is a pair that you plan on wearing with your formal office wear, then you can stick to a classic color with gold rims, or you can even go rimless in such cases for a neat look.

• Gradient tints are also available in the classic Ray Ban range of sunglasses, and they transition easily from party to formal wear.

• There are various sizes that are available especially for Ray Ban sunglasses. You can choose from Aviators to wraparound sunglasses as well tea-shades and oversized glares, depending on the shape and size of your face.

UV Protection:
• Before buying a pair of sunglasses, you will need to check if they are merely cosmetic sunglasses or they offer actual and effective UV protection.

• Notable brands like Ray Ban will usually have a sticker which will carry information about the same. Also, try on the sunglasses before buying, so that you know if they fit properly and keep the sun out in an effective manner.