Choosing the best new Dodge truck

For new buyers, choosing a truck means coming out of their comfort zone. Those buyers who have always driven cars; buying a pickup truck is like coming to a new territory. Americans love pickup trucks for a variety of reasons, such as the look and feel of driving something big, towing, or hauling purposes.

Pickup trucks are not a new or recent concept. RAM trucks, which was formerly the Dodge trucks, has been in the business of pickup trucks from 2009.

Best new Dodge trucks
One can find heavy duty and light duty Dodge trucks. What is the towing capacity, you are looking for, will help to decide the best new Dodge trucks.

  • RAM 1500
    Though RAM 1500 has been through many changes since 2009, the all-new 2018 Ram 1500 is an excellent truck in terms of mileage and driving. The 2018 RAM 1500 comes with a review camera. The base price starts at USD 27,000. Where other big size trucks have V8 engines, RAM 1500 comes with a V6 engine, which is great for short distance driving. When it comes to mileage, RAM 1500, on an average gives 25 mpg on the highway.
  • RAM 2500
    For those looking for diesel options in the best new Dodge trucks, RAM 2500 is here. It comes with 10-way power driver seat feature. In crew cab model, one even has fold-flat load floor. The base price is fixed at around $43,240. RAM 2500 has the best in class 410 horsepower and can tow up to 17,980 pounds.
  • RAM 1500 Sport
    New Dodge RAMS have been introduced, which can cater to all buyers. RAM 1500 Sport will appeal to buyers who prefer a sporty look in their pickup truck. The interiors are built to offer comfort and warmth. This RAM model is equipped with 395 horsepower and 410 pounds of torque to withstand any loading capacity.

The best new Dodge trucks have been using Cummins engine for decades. Cummins and RAM have the best combination of torque power and engine, providing reliability along with stability to the pickup truck drivers for years. Dodge trucks are available in mega cab, quad cab, single cab, and crew cab versions. One factor that sets the best new Dodge trucks apart is its unique rear suspension.

Best new Dodge trucks are the second favorite among buyers after Ford F-series trucks. Despite the popularity of crossover SUV and hybrid vehicles, new Dodge RAM sales have always shown a growth. Giving competition to Dodge trucks is the 2018 GMC Sierra. Sierra is one of the contenders for best-selling pickup truck in the country.

Pickup trucks have replaced the family car concept. The basic function of a pickup truck is that of towing and hauling. One should always go with the pickup truck that has latest safety gear and better fuel economy.