Choosing the best Haier appliances for your home

Among the leading appliance manufacturers, Haier Appliances has been able to establish its foothold in the market. This has been possible due to constant innovation, hard work and the need for remaining ahead in the league.

Haier appliances have been able to cover all product categories including kitchen, water, and environment-friendly appliances. The product service in Haier appliances is true to the core, and it has been able to establish a strong marketing, sale and after sale service unit which has made Haier appliances a name worth recommending throughout the world. The unit is also working towards building a strong competitive atmosphere which will give ample options to other players in the market to innovate and lead out if they can match the capabilities of Haier appliances.

  • Robust after sale service
    To maintain its hold on the ever increasing and competitive market companies need to innovate at every step. Haier appliances like its other competitors have been able to establish its niche in this aspect and have developed a sound after-sales service unit which is nurtured on a regular basis. The management operating system of Haier appliances covers product planning, supply and after-sales components in the real earnest.

Below is the list of some key Haier appliances which have established a niche league for themselves:

  • Chassis and portable Air conditioners
    This is one of the quietest air conditioners in the market and can be virtually controlled from anywhere in the room. The air conditioner comes in white color and has a 4-way air direction with front air discharge. It comes with a 1-year warranty on labor and parts alike. On the similar lines, Haier appliances have also designed a portable air conditioner which also comes in white color. The air direction is adjustable in this air conditioner, and it offers front air discharge. The filters in portable air conditioner are washable which is a unique feature of this air conditioner.
  • Microwave
    Haier appliances are also known for their range of microwaves. The microwaves in Haier come with sensor cooking which helps the users adjust cooking time and power level automatically which thus ensure that food gets cooked at an ideal temperature. These microwaves also come with hidden vents which make their exteriors sleek and therefore ensure that cleaning these microwaves is relatively easy. To ensure that users can derive maximum benefit from these microwaves, Haier has come up with a ten power level microwave which provides distinct power levels which eventually help in accommodating different cooking needs of the users.

Haier appliances have been able to establish themselves in the electronic market, and its range of products stand as a testimony to changing times with innovations always being welcomed.