Choose the right handbag for your body

Did you know that the right handbag can work miracles for your body? Yes. you heard it right. Handbags can flatter your figure. If you’re short and plump, a rectangular handbag can offset your curves and add some balance. A rounded bag can help thin and tall women appear curvier. Well, not that you actually gain or lose pounds carrying a handbag, it’s the visual effect.

You definitely take the time to get that perfect dress fit. On the same lines, choosing the right bag type also goes a long way in complementing your looks. Choose a handbag that is in proportion to your body size. Designer handbags can polish your style quotient.

When it comes to choosing handbags, you have a wide choice. With online sales, you can choose a Coach purse or Coach bag from the comforts of your home. If retail therapy is a way to beat stress, head to the nearest Coach handbags sale destination, and indulge yourself.

The right bag for your body type
When you want to play down your body type, you should choose a bag that is quite opposite your body silhouette. Say, you’re thin and tall, in which case, a rounded, slouchy hobo bag will add curves to your figure.

On the other hand, petite, curvy women must choose slim, rectangular bags such as a clutch. Those which a heavy bust must steer away from cross-body bags as they add bulk to the body. As a rule of thumb, the rounder your body, you should be carrying a structured bag made of soft leather or fabric. Handbags that best suit curvier women include tote bags, clutch, satchels, and the cigar box. Tall and thin women can choose from hobo bags, messenger bags, and baguettes.

A bag whose shape is the opposite to your body type can flatter your body. At the same time, you should also be concerned about the bag size as well. The size of the handbag ought to be in proportion to your body size.

A 6ft tall woman carrying a miniature handheld bag will make her look bigger, and petite women would be swamped by a huge round shoulder bag. If you’re big waisted, make sure that your shoulder bag ends well below your waist, so that it doesn’t add bulk at the waist.

Choosing the right bag that goes well with your body structure can be flattering. Some women are endowed with ample curves. The right choice of apparel and handbag is an effective way to highlight your finer features while playing down any unwanted curves.