Choose from this wide variety of Belk handbags

Every girl would love to own a designer handbag to complete her outfit. A good designer handbag will enhance your outfit and makes an impressive style statement. However, designer handbags are expensive. You need to shell out bucks to be a proud owner of an exclusive designer handbag. You must also be aware of the different types of handbags that are suitable for different attires and occasions. Roughly there are about 25 different varieties of handbags. From shoulder bags to satchels, you can find every range of designer handbags at Belk. Belk handbags are known for its high standards of quality. Belk Handbags are uniquely designed to be appropriate for every occasion. Here are some of the popular varieties of designer Belk handbags.

Casual Bags: Casual bags or office bags are designed to be functional and also fashionable. These bags are good for regular office use.

Satchels: These bags are perfect for women who need to carry many things to work. You can easily fit your documents, makeup, phone, lunch, and money in this bag.

Tote Bags: These are also known as beach bags. Everything from beach towel to sunblock and goodies can be stuffed into this bag.

Bucket Bags: As the name suggests, this bag looks like a bucket and is spacious. The bag has only one handle and can be worn over the shoulder or can be carried.

Hobo Bags: Hobo bags are day bags. This bag is shaped like a crescent moon and is a great fashion accessory for a weekend getaway or an outing. Belk Handbags has some beautiful pieces of leather hobo bags in their collection.

Sling Bags: This bag is specially designed for young girls. College students can wear this bag across their body and a sling bad makes a great fashion statement.

Backpacks: Backpacks are used to carry laptops. If you want to use a backpack to suit your formal wear, then go for a leather backpack.

Wristlets: Wristlets are somewhat similar to clutches. They come with a strap that can be wrapped around the wrist.

Evening Bags: Evening bags are small and are meant to complement your attire for evening parties and formal soirees.

Clutch: Clutch is a small purse that can accommodate relatively small essentials like money, mobile phone, and other personal items. High profile socialites use clutches extensively.

Envelope Bag: This is a small strapless envelope shaped bag preferably used while going to official dinners and movies.

While picking a handbag for your occasion, keep in mind your attire. The handbag that you select must complement your outfit to complete your look. While the colors of your outfit need not match your handbag, if the type of handbag does not suit your ensemble, then it becomes a fashion faux pas.

Where can you buy Belk handbags?
Designer handbags are available in all the major stores like Macy’s, JC Penny, Target, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx and others. If you are thinking of buying the designer Belk Handbags for a discounted price, then you need to look for the sales promotions offered by top outlets both in-store and online. You can always check out the discount offers on the official website of Belk. The luxurious Belk handbags are available on sale at where you can get a good deal. also has sale and discount offers happening from time to time. If you want to buy a Belk Handbag, then you need to keep an eye open for chancing upon the best deals. When you come across a great deal, you can buy the designer handbag at a moderate price.

When you are shopping for handbags, wait for the right opportunity. Buy your designer handbags at a sale where you can get two pieces for the price of one.