Chanel – The scent of success

Want to know more about the brand Chanel and the exceptional lady behind it? You are at the right place then! Coco Chanel is an inspiring figure who became an icon in the fashion world thanks to her line up of fashion products and accessories that were retailed under her own last name – Chanel. Chanel’s number 5 perfume especially is a well-known scent that most women around the world like to use and flaunt. So here are a few facts about Chanel and its Creator that you probably did not know!

• French and Privately Owned: The Chanel brand is privately owned by the French family Alaine and Gerard Wertheimer, who are the grandchildren of Pierre Wertheimer. Pierre was one of the earliest partners who showed interest and faith in the capabilities of couture artist or fashion designer, Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel.

• Like a Breath of Fresh Air: One of the main attractions of the brand, which catapulted it to its celebrity status quite literally, is the fact that it was a distinct departure from the heavily structured and suffocating clothing that had become somewhat of a hallmark in the early 19th Century. With its luxury clothing line, Chanel managed to bring forth a variety of skirts and even trousers that had a strong scent of elegance and a many layered approach when it came to understated sophistication.

• Celebrity Patronage: Thanks to its classic tailored cuts and patterns, as well as the luxurious accessories like perfumes and other cosmetics, Chanel quickly became a household name that was also picked up by celebrities and even royalty, the world over. The celebrity patronage is one that made it a famous brand in no time at all, with many women flocking to its store to choose from a comfortable and very affordable range of clothing.

• Little Black Dress: One of the most iconic advertisements and flyers of the past century would have to be the picture of the lady in the little black dress, pleated just right, as she sat with her legs crossed and a cigarette held with much flair in a long white cigarette holder. The little black dress has quickly become a metaphor of our times, and a staple in every female wardrobe. This is due to the fact that it makes just the right statement for any event or occasion, starting from a date to a business dinner. This little black dress is one of Chanel’s most iconic offerings to the world of fashion.

• Perfume No 5 De Chanel: This is another iconic piece that has come from the house of Chanel. This scent has a strong presence with its heady and almost exuberant quality. The scent was developed in order to pay homage to the flapper from the 1920s and it salutes the free flowing spirit of the said flapper. Before this, most scents were derived from a single flower and ladies of elegant society would prefer these scents to any other. Yet, with the advent of this perfume by Chanel, women around the world have actually learned to embrace their soft yet bold feminine side!