Caring and maintaining your designer handbag

Designer handbags are indeed expensive, especially if you want the likes of Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, or Chanel. Even if you have picked one up at designer handbags sale, it doesn’t come cheap. When you have spent so much on a designer handbag of your choice, then you need to also take proper care to ensure that it always looks as good as new.

It’s best not to take leather designer bags when it’s raining. When you carry the handbag, ensure that you keep it flat at the base. If you need to put the bag inside a drawer, ensure that there are no splinters that can leave behind cuts.

Stains on designer handbags are an eyesore. Make sure that you do not spill anything on your handbag. Once you’re back home, wipe off the surface with a clean soft cloth.

A designer bag, if used carefully can last you for many seasons. For the price that you have paid, be extra careful when you use such handbags. Prolonged usage can make the bag look dull and lose its luster. Condition your handbag with appropriate conditioning products to ensure your handbag remains in the like-new state.

Firstly, you will not be carrying your designer handbag to the local supermarket. It’s reserved for occasions. Proper storage is needed to ensure that the bags stay in good condition.

Use a dust bag to store your designer handbag. Most high street handbags come with dust covers. Ensure that you store your designer handbags in these dust covers. Pillow cases are also a convenient and easy-to-lay-hands-on alternative.

Say, you have a fetish for designer handbags and own a collection. While you may put to use one or two bags, the others must be safely kept inside dust covers, with buckles removed and straps loosened.

Women’s handbags are full of stuff. From beauty products to credit cards, cell phones, cash, keys and much more. Key chains can leave behind scratches on the bag’s inside and loosely capped sunscreen lotions can leave behind stains. It’s best to have bag liners in designer handbags. You get them for about $25 and your designer bag is kept free of scratches and stains.

Everyday activities like cosmetic usage can cause damage to your exposed designer handbag. Lotions and creams can stain the bag. Stuffing the unused bags with bubble wrap, undoing strap buckles, and storing the chain handle separately to avoid surface scratches are simple tips that can safeguard the bags when they’re not in use. For regularly used designer handbags, use of leather conditioner will ensure that the bags remain well maintained.

Most top design houses offer a free maintenance service provided the authenticity cards are kept intact. Make sure that you keep them safe.