Car maintenance checklist

Car maintenance is something everyone should do periodically. So, it is necessary to prepare a checklist to work on a routine of every month. It sounds displeasing but having a regular check up will save you a great deal of money. Maintaining your car right will extend its life and prevents expensive repairs. Regular DIY repairs will pervert from causing major issues with your car namely sudden break downs, tire wear, battery connections and more. Here is a car maintenance checklist that you would all like to know.
Check on oil: This is the first and best check up that you can do to keep your car in good running condition. It’s always good to refer to the user’s manual to check when to change the oil if your car is new otherwise it is advisable to change the oil for every 3000 miles.
Check tire pressure: Check the air pressure in your car tires regularly. Set the exact pressure in your tires not more not less. If the pressure is more, there are chances for the tire to stretch or crack if the pressure is less speed will reduce and tire will become wobbly and cause more chances for tire wear and tear.
Replace engine air filters: Replacing your engine air filter is very important if you frequently drive open roads. You can refer to the user’s manual for fitting a new air filter or check out some tutorial online. You need to change the air filter estimating the mileage of your car. If it has run more than 4000 miles, then there is no doubt that the air filter is dirty and it’s time to replace.
Check on battery condition: Have a regular check on your battery condition. If you find any leaks or cracks, then it’s time to replace your battery. Corrosion at the battery terminal leads to poor connection which stops the car from getting started, so it is important to make sure the battery terminals are tightly connected.
Check on windshield wipers: Check on your wipers as they get dirty soon being exposed to dust regularly. At some point the rubber will become hard and cracks letting the dirt to stay in and the hard rubber will create scratches spoiling the front glass. You need not spend money on changing the whole set but replace with rubber refills that cost only few bucks.
Use lubes: As your car runs in hot sun or during cold it not only attracts dirt but also the temperature variation makes the lube evaporate or harden that will cause screeching noise when you open or close the door, when applying brakes and from wheels. If you just let it go then the parts will become dry and start to rust. The purpose of the lube is to reduce surface fiction and prevent engine from heating.