Cancer symptoms that you should be aware of

The word ‘cancer’ can put you in a state of shock, as it has become one of the most frightening health conditions in the recent decades. The number of cancer patients is on a rise in many countries of the world, including the United States.

Cancer is a name given to a wide range of health conditions in which some of the body cells grow abnormally. It can occur in any part of the body, although some of the cancers are more common. It may not show up early symptoms. However, if you are vigilant about the changes that the body goes through, the chances of detecting cancer in its early stages are higher.

Knowing the early signs and symptoms of cancer can keep you stay hale and hearty. Cancer treatment options are much advanced these days and early detection can save your life. Read the major cancer symptoms here.

Signs and symptoms

The signs and symptoms of the condition depend on the part of the body where it occurs. The common signs of cancer that you should be aware are listed below.
However, you should visit the doctor only when one or more symptoms continue for a longer period without any reason.
â Fatigue and weakness
â Frequent fever, which is often a sign of blood cancer. It can occur frequently at night accompanied with night sweats.
â Weight loss due to no cause-This can occur in cases of cancer relating to digestive system.
â Unexpected weight gain
â Pain without any reason- Head ache, body pain, joint pains, pain in the bones, back pain etc has to be monitored.
â Changes in the skin- Rashes on the skin, yellowish tint on the skin, hyper pigmentation, redness etc. can sometimes hinting about cancer
â Change in the bowel habits that continues for a longer period
â A sense of thickening feeling under the skin in any part of the body
â Discomfort or irritable bowel after eating
â Presence of blood in the stool or urine
â Difficulty in swallowing food
â Coughing blood
â Soreness or wound that do not heal for a longer time
â White patches or spots in tongue or mouth

Signs that women should not ignore

Although the female body goes through different changes in the life cycle, there are certain signs that should never be ignored. Cancer in the female reproductive organs can be cured if diagnosed in the early stages. Keep in mind these symptoms:
â Discharge from the nipples
â Swelling or soreness in the breast
â A change in the shape of nipple
â Redness or difference in skin in the breast area
â Changes in the skin
â Unusual bleeding between menstrual periods
â Heavy bleeding or abnormally painful periods
â Swelling, fullness or heaviness in the abdomen
â Bleeding after menopause
â Chronic chest pain
â Shortness of breath
â Swelling in the lymph nodes
â Bloating or pain in the abdominal region
â Bleeding in the urine or stool