Can your child benefit from virtual games

Today, it almost seems like kids are born with the knowledge of operating smartphones and tablets. Playing video games comes naturally to them and is often preferred over traditional toys. While the effects of a child playing video games are highly contested, there are some benefits. As long as you pay attention to the type of games your child is playing and monitor the amount of time spent in playing video games, they can help children develop certain skills and hone their aptitude.

Helps develop problem solving skills: Games do not have to be labelled as educational to have a positive effect on your child’s cognitive development. Nickelodeon games that involve searching and planning on how to approach and advance to higher levels such as Legends of the Hidden temple can help children learn how to strategize and make decisions. Games that allow players to customize their appearance also help children express themselves.

Can encourage participation in outdoor sports: Excelling in an online version of a sport can encourage children to take up the sport for themselves as well. For example, seeing virtual players slum dunk a basketball to win the game can encourage children to practice their own basketball skills and improve their game. It can also introduce them to new games and sports.

Aids in the development of a competitive spirit:M ultiplayer games. These can be played with friends at home or online. One of the biggest reasons children like playing such games is because it gives them an opportunity to compete against each other for recognition and status. Thus, playing with others helps children express their competitiveness. Since not all children are born sport stars, this also gives children who are not good at traditional sports a chance to excel.

Teaches them to share knowledge: There’s no fun in playing a game unless you can talk about it to others. Children who like video games often find themselves talking about the various levels of the game and how to move from one to the next. A child who is ahead of others will, therefore, be able to teach the others how to overcome the obstacles of that level and move ahead. This encourages a spirit of sharing knowledge.

Can improve the parent-child bond: When it comes to video games, children are often much better than adults. This gives them an opportunity to reverse the teacher student roles with their parents and helps build a stronger bond. Some games you can try with your child are Beat that beat, Dance off Clash on or Big time beats. This also gives the parent and child a common interest to bond over.

Can improve your child’s social skills: For school-going children, the latest video game is a hot topic for discussion. When your child plays these games, he too can participate in discussions about them and hence broaden his social circle.