Can hair-fall shampoos alone prevent hair loss?

Seeing hair circling the drain in the shower is a sight we hate with a vengeance. Sometimes using hair fall shampoos and conditioners alone won’t help – you need a change in lifestyle and diet. It sometimes goes beyond that if hair loss is in your genes. Hair loss, though is a common problem with men and women alike and there are a number of myths attached to it.  Here are a  few:

  • Mum’s the word: The ‘X chromosome’ is a gene for baldness and men get that from their mothers. But that’s not to say that your mum is responsible for your baldness. It has been found that men who have a bald or balding father will experience the same.
  • Don’t wash too much: Excessive washing of hair can lead to baldness is the opinion of some and it’s highyl disputed. Too much of anything is bad, washing your hair included. Shampooing in itself does not lead  to hair loss. The kind of shampoo you use can though. If you like washing your hair regularly, use a mild shampoo, preferably one that’s suited to your hair type. 
  • Cut it: There is some measure of truth to this. If your hair to long but the roots weak, you might experience more than normal hair fall. to prevent this, cutting of the hair is advised. But this alone will not prevent hair fall.  You will need to strengthen your roots as well. 
  • No fun in the sun: Exposure to the sun’s rays ruins the texture of hair and causes hair loss is another common myth. Will simply walking or commuting won’t harm your hair, overexposure to the sun’s UV rays might just cause some damage. 
  • Hair today, gone tomorrow: Some women might lose hair excessively after delivery, as the hormones adjust to go back to the pre-pregnancy stage. A good diet and a lot of rest can cure this without any major changes. A diet rich in protein, zinc and vitamins can bring back your pre-pregnancy shiny mane. Apart from this a healthy diet will keep you fit and also do wonders for your skin and well-being and in return your baby.