Buy appliances affordably with Sears

Buying a major appliance for your home is a big decision and often expensive as well. But thankfully, one of the best places to buy consumer appliances confidently is Sears. With a wide collection of large and small appliances from well-known brands, Sears has always served the needs of American consumers brilliantly. The prices at Sears are always competitive and with Sears coupons, you can never miss out on a great deal.

Save money while purchasing new appliances
When you plan to buy home appliances, it is obvious that you look for savings. Whether you are buying appliances for your new home or replacing the outdated ones with the modern appliances, you need to plan it strategically.

Understand your needs
Every year, new innovations are making appliances more and more tech-oriented. The appliances are getting upgraded with energy-saving solutions and digital displays. So you will get to reduce your energy bill when you use appliances with smart technology.

When you are planning to buy appliances with the latest technology, you will usually have to bear a heftier price tag. But giant stores like Sears always have some deals on large appliances that make the retail price fit in your budget. You can enjoy additional discounts on the price by applying Sears discount coupons at the billing counter.

Best time to buy appliances
If you are not in a hurry to buy appliances as a new home owner, then wait until the holiday season. You can get special deals for Labor Day or Black Friday. If you can manage to fight the crowd to grab hot deals in stores like Sears, then shopping on Black Friday is your best option. It is also believed that appliances are offered at the best prices in the months of September and October. During these months, the manufacturers of all the appliances except refrigerators roll out their new models. New models of refrigerators are rolled out in the month of June just before the beginning of summer months as it the time when consumers look to replace their older ones with the latest models. When you combine Sears coupons with holiday sale discount, you can get a good deal easily.

Extended warranties
Heavily priced appliances always come with an option of extend warranty that can increase the cost of the appliance by $118 on average. These extended warranties are more beneficial to retailers than to the actual consumers. As per the report submitted by Consumer Reports, the manufacturer’s warranty should be sufficient for the new appliance to cover any repairs. Your appliance might be just fine with proper care and regular maintenance too.

Tax Rebate
Even though Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit expired in the year 2013, you can get some rebates for selling old worn-out appliances in lieu of energy saving appliances. Sears offers rebates for manufacturers and advertises the same with the sale price.