Brands that offer affordable digital hearing aids

Gone are the days when there was no help for individuals with hearing loss. With the hearing aid segment continually evolving, especially with the digital hearing aids that are available today, the situation has improved considerably. Around 300 million people worldwide, who have different levels of hearing difficulty, are dependent on such aid. Hence, there is an increasing demand, yet the cost is a factor which makes such hearing aids inaccessible for many.

Purchasing affordable hearing aids

A pair of good digital hearing aids, on an average, can cost around $1500-$2000 which can be affordable. But if you invest some time in research, you will be able to purchase the best hearing aids at a much lesser cost. Here is an insight into some of the most affordable brands available in the market that will be of help.

Sonic Cheer 20

This is the latest offering from Sonic, and is a custom programmable hearing aid that costs only $1000 per pair. This amazing device has great features such as speech variable processing, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and noise reduction systems that reduce impulse sounds and amplify speech signals to help the listener better understand speech. The device comes with a 1-year repair warranty as well as a 1-year loss and damage policy.

Hear Clear HCX Digital Hearing Aid

This is the best hearing aid for people suffering from noticeable to severe or high-frequency hearing loss. This is one of the best-selling affordable digital hearing aids out there. Although its actual cost is $849, some online shopping portals are offering it for as less as $350 during the sale period. This product is very compact yet powerful. It is best for those people who can still hear but find it hard to understand conversations in noisy places such as restaurants, shopping malls and in vehicles.

The hearing aid is virtually invisible and has a small case with a very thin tube and soft medical grade tip. This device offers a warm sound that is pleasant to the ear and has 10 bands of layered noise reduction to keep the background noise down. It typically comes with a 6-month limited warranty and 30-day money back guarantee.

Simplicity Smart Touch Digital Over-the-Ear Hearing Aid

This is one of the best digital hearing aids if you are losing out on high-end sound. The high frequencies usually die out sooner, so the simplicity over the ear hearing aid amplifies the higher frequencies and cuts down on unnecessary low frequencies. The device costs $699 but is available for $499 or lower on many online shopping sites. The device can be worn throughout the day as it is an extremely light digital hearing aid. The advanced active feedback management eliminates those annoying whistling sounds that most devices have issues with.

MEDca rechargeable hearing aid

This rechargeable hearing aid is now a new and improved variant over the previous ones. This hearing aid supports your hearing condition by amplifying sound to optimum hearing levels and offers a high sound resolution for understanding speech better. Since the device is rechargeable, there is no need to constantly change batteries which can be a big hassle.

The hearing aid has a small and simple design thus making it very user-friendly, and it fits perfectly behind the ear. This model comes with an advanced noise reduction feature which is responsible for the high resolution amplified sound. With an adjustable wheel for volume control, it allows the user to adjust the volume as close as possible to suit their hearing needs.

So, you can check these brands and their offerings to choose the hearing aid that suits you best and enjoy the pleasurable sounds of nature.