“Brain-food” supplements you must consider

Brain disorders and conditions can be something that is either present since birth or develop as we age and grow old.

Genetics, life-style and sometimes unforeseen problems, can lead to brain-related conditions. There are a number of factors that contribute to Dementia or Alzheimer’s, the environmental factor being one of them. For instance, paints that we use for our houses contain lead and other toxic chemicals. These can be a contributing factor to some brain-related conditions. It has also been observed that medications that we take to treat other ailments can cause brain-related conditions if taken over a longer period of time. Some brain disorders can also be due to excess of sugar in the brain. This is called as diabetes of brain.

There is no one solution to treat these conditions and sometime not enough nourishment or “brain food” can also cause the cells to start degenerating. While genetic pre-disposition to an ailment cannot be something that definitively be cured, you can help yourself by adding supplements to your diet. These are some sets of vitamins and supplements that make up for the lack of “brain food” in your diet.

Super Vitamins
Taking vitamin B1 can help treat dementia. Cholinergic neurons that are responsible for nerve transmissions in the brain deteriorate as we grow old. This is specially observed in elders who suffer from Alzheimer’s as well. Thus, consuming vitamin B1 on a daily basis can slow the progression of the disorder.

Vitamin E is also known to slow down the progression of dementia and its symptoms. It was found in a study that older adults who have higher levels of vitamin E in their blood tend to have improved brain function. Supplements with Vitamin E improve oxygen delivery to the brain.

Vitamin B12 and folic acid help lower amino acid levels in the blood. High levels of amino acid is linked to dementia. Supplements with vitamin B12 and folic acid are recommended for people who have vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency.

It is one of those complex vitamins (just as its name suggests) that has a big impact on treating dementia symptoms. It is known that phosphatidylserine is a naturally occurring compound in the brain that helps in boosting certain level of chemicals that enable the brain to process better and retain memories. Phosphatidylserine supplements can help treat dementia.

Older adults find it difficult to absorb zinc present in their daily diet. This deteriorates their memory and their cognitive functioning. A daily dosage of zinc supplements can help improve the brain functioning in people suffering from dementia.

Make sure to consult a medical practitioner before consuming any supplements.