Get brainy with these supplements

There are natural vitamins that can enhance your brain function and boost memory retention. Including these sets of vitamins in your daily diet can ensure optimal performance of your brain. Let’s have a look at these vitamins which can be good for your noggin.

  • Vitamin C: Being one of the safest and most popular vitamin supplement available in the market, Vitamin C helps shorten the duration of the cold and improve the immune system. Apart from these, it improves the brain functioning as well. Vitamin C helps in neurotransmitter production. Neurotransmitters help you stay focused, control your mood, sleep patterns, and more. Vitamin C is vital in the production of neurotransmitters. It increases the serotonin levels, as neurotransmitters help in maintaining a happy mood balance. However, it’s deficiency can lead to depression.

 Vitamin C supplements can prove to be great brain supplements as they help improve memory and mental functions. This reduces the risk of brain degeneration. The brain is more prone to    free radical damage, due to its high-oxygen usage. For proper biological function, there needs to be a healthy balance between free radicals and antioxidants. Vitamin C, thankfully, is one of the most effective antioxidant vitamins.

  • Vitamin D: According to a recent study, it was discovered that a vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy could hinder a baby’s brain development. It is necessary that pregnant women take sufficient amount of vitamin D prescribed by their gynecologist for proper brain development of their child developing in the womb.

Also, vitamin D helps fight age-related diseases. The brain needs sufficient nutrients to keep functioning, especially when we get older. Research shows that vitamin D can play an important    role in improving or even preventing the effects of certain brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s. Vitamin D has powerful anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. Many brain tissues contain vitamin D receptors. When they are triggered by vitamin D, it can facilitate nerve growth in the brain.

Vitamin D also improves symptoms of depression. It was recently discovered that low levels of vitamin D are linked to symptoms of depression in people who are otherwise healthy. For this reason alone, it was concluded that vitamin D supplementation is important for proper brain development.