BQ Garden Furniture

From having hundreds of other options in a department store, what can pull an investment ready customer towards a brand that most likely is termed as a stalwart and a revolution in patio furniture?

The question might sound obnoxious, as the two words in it is the answer itself, but aren’t there companies who tag their lines in great words but are worth not a grain of sand? BQ a member of the furniture manufacturing circle for decades had all reasons to go ahead of themselves, having served the business since 1969 and could have been a water-logged sink with a repeat of the same products our grandfathers liked. On the contrary, taking each step in measured quantities and learning the business each time success knocks their door, regardless of what their position is in the market, has allowed BQ to have an upper hand in customer satisfaction and overall quality control.

With more than 300 outlets and over seven million pleased customers, this company has recently embarked on the world-wide web with their website, roughly transcribed from abbreviation, the word meaning do it yourself, this company has reinvented grade A, classy furnishing with prices range starting from anything a commoner can spend. As the name of its website suggests, when one orders a piece from their online catalogue, the marvel of a furniture is sent through post in parts which can easily be assembled using vivid instructions in the manual, hence the term DIY. Ordering furniture from your local carpenter and waiting for millenniums for it to be finished, is so yesteryear work, BQ has made this benchmark move, paving the path for the industry it’s a part of, to a new era of internet.

Now speaking of why BQ is actually BQ. Its grade of excellence in terms of design, materials used and service provided pre and post order is absolutely magnificent. Focusing the spot light on the wide array of categories and design options the website provides is the task entitled for the next set of lines.

Beginning from the classic patio chairs made of rattan and new age metals like Adelaide metal or Batangas phoenix metal, these materials give way for an easily assembled and no hassle pass to the pieces, not only in the process of installation, but also after that, when the customers have the privilege of using it for years with as low maintenance as one could possibly ask for a furniture piece. This company has not stopped its progress at your usual rattan, wrought iron or metal designs. Each of the materials mentioned has further been treated in labs to form materials more durable and easily moldable to designs never through of before.

Ranging from a classic patio set, with a three-seated couch, two cushion chairs and a center table, to a classic dining platform with a sturdy yet slim fit structure, having four to six cushioned chairs and a table as per customer’s requirement, the range of BQ garden furniture is extensive, with options not being limited to the classic, old school designs and yesteryear substances used to build them.

Shifting focus to a different level and moving from basic furniture choices, BQ provides impetus to the ones wanting for more. Garden benches made of materials like Rocha rattan and even sand stone gives way for one to plan a spacious outdoor seating area, giving its owners the feel of a park. Parasols with wide shade area, made of trend setter, engineered fabric, and available in designs more than our fingers can count, allows these open areas to have shaded spaces, inhibiting both style and comfort.

Such is the expanse BQ has covered being in the industry and such is the impression it dawns on a person walking down their furniture display aisle.