Beverages that keep you happy and healthy!

When you think about beverages, you probably come up with a list of fizzy drinks that are available in the market. Due to the high calorie and sugar content of most beverages, many health-conscious people try to avoid everything that comes under this category of drinks. However, you need to know there are many healthy options when it comes to choosing a beverage to keep yourself hydrated.

Whether you go out with friends or you are at home or looking around the supermarket aisle, you can opt for healthy beverages instead of coming back empty-handed or just ordering water. Here are five healthy options for you. In addition to helping you be at peace with your diet plan, these will also give you other benefits!

Green tea: This is one of the healthiest beverage you can find. Rich with antioxidants, green tea reduces cholesterol and improves blood flow. Green tea is a smart choice for a beverage. You can have it the usual way, by brewing it or you can also ask for iced green tea. It tastes as good as your regular iced tea and is healthier.

Ginger tea: Ginger is a favorite of ancient medical science. Its health benefits are so extensive that it is the most common ingredient in almost all natural home remedies. Ginger tea is quite simple to make. Just soak two tiny slices of ginger in warm water and add honey to sweeten it.

Beet juice: Beetroot has excellent health benefits. It is a superhero ingredient for a healthy body. If you consume beet juice, it would work wonders for your skin, blood, brain and hair. You can make smoothies or mix beetroot with other ingredients like ginger to make a healthy beverage for yourself.

Orange juice: It is the most basic healthy beverage. You can have it during breakfast, after your workout, anytime and anywhere. Orange juice has high vitamin C content. It also helps to beat allergies and the common cold. Like green tea, orange juice too lowers bad cholesterol. It is also quite good for your liver and digestive system.

Hot chocolate: This is probably the most delicious of all healthy beverages. However, you have to make sure that raw cocoa powder is used while making the concoction. Hot chocolate has high magnesium content that improves blood flow and helps in preventing clots in your blood stream. It also has antioxidants and stimulants. So instead of ordering that latte, you can opt for a healthy hot chocolate.