Best ways to get relief from nasal congestion

If you are suffering from a nasty cold, look no further. In this article, we present some simple cold remedies that will provide you with relief from nasal congestion.

Have loads of fluids: Not many people know that drinking lots of water and other fluids keeps the throat moist. This keeps excess mucus secretion in check and helps in its break-down. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times is the best way to keep cough and cold at bay.

Get some steam: Having a hot and steamy bath also provides respite from nasal congestion.  Steam helps in de-clogging stuffy noses and blocked airways. You may also get additional help by inhaling steam.

Blowing your nose: The best way to get relief from nasal blockage is to blow your nose. Do not sniff your mucus back into your head, get it off from your nose by blowing softly. Excessively blowing your nose may cause some of the phlegm or mucus to spill over in your ear canal which may lead to an ear ache. For best results, place one finger over one nostril and blow the other softly.

Adequate rest: If you are suffering from cough and cold, the best way to combat your illness is to take adequate rest. This is nature’s way to fight off the viruses and germs that are making you sick. Take it easy. Avoid going to the gymnasium. Skip your office for a few days.

Gargling: Nasal congestion can be treated by gargling at least four times a day. Mix a table spoon of salt with four ounces of water. You can add some tea to this mixture. Gargling with this mixture is one of the easiest and most effective ways of fighting nasal congestion.

Having hot tea: Drinking hot tea or coffee soothes the inflamed throat and reduces the production of excess mucus. When the warm fluid reaches our throat, it kills the various viruses that are the root cause of this illness.

Using mentholated salve: Dab cotton swab with some menthol and place it under your nose. Relief is instantaneous. You can even use eucalyptus oil to get the desired effect.

Hot packs: If you have a blocked nose then you can apply hot packs on your sinuses to get some relief. These can be purchased at a local drug store. If these packs are not available there then you can make yours easily.

Extra pillows: Get rid of your nasal congestion by using an extra pillow while sleeping.  To create a more comfortable slope, place your extra pillow between the mattresses and the box springs.

Saline solution: Many people across the world use this remedy to treat their nasal congestion. The saline solution comprises warm water, iodide-free salt and baking soda. This solution is put inside one nostril and letting it drain out of the other using a Netipot.

Treat your nasal solution with one or more of the above listed solutions. If these fail to help you then visit a doctor for advanced medical help.