Best washers and dryers under $1000

While you may think that you may have to spend excess amounts of money to buy a decent washer, there are a number of cheap washing machines and dryers available in the market for under USD 1000.

Before you start shopping for washers and dryers, you need to decide what type of washer and dryer will best suit your needs – the top loading machines or the front loading ones. Top loading washing machines have been the preferred choice for many for several reasons. One of the main reasons a lot of people prefer this style of the washing machine is the safety as it keeps young children from any accident should they open a front loading washer.

Whereas, the front loading machines gain more customers as they are highly power efficient according to the American Cleaning Institute. This would mean lower utility bills. Here are some of the cheap washers and dryers that you can get under USD 1000 for a great cleaning and drying experience.


You can get some of the best features with this budget-friendly top loading washer that is priced way lower than USD 1000. It is available at Best Buy, Appliances Connection, and Home Depot in a price range of USD 539 to USD 569. The washer has a large wash drum capacity among the other cheap washers and dryers and special features for warm rinse and stain removal. This is one of the few washers and dryers that offer a premium brand experience at a low rate.


The GE GTW485ASJWS is yet another great option from the cheap washers and dryers category. It is a super-efficient dryer that comes with a sensor that automatically detects the load of clothes and fills the water required. The washer can be available at a price between USD 479.99 and USD 519 at Home Depot, Best Buy, and Appliances Connection. The washer has a user-friendly control panel and is ideal for those folks who prefer a non-LED control panel.

Maytag MGDX655DW 

The Maytag MGDX655DW is a decent buy under USD 1000. The dryer comes with 11 cycle options for drying and has a front-loading design. It has an easy to use control panel on the top and offers five temperature settings. This is one of the best among the cheap washers and dryers as it has sensors to stop the machine when it senses no moisture left. This is great for saving power and the clothes from overdrying.

Kenmore 60222

This Kenmore dryer is worth the buy at less than USD 600 and is one of the cheap washers and dryers available in the market that does a brilliant job as any other expensive one. The dryer has a great capacity of 6.5 cubic inches which can dry a decent load of clothes at a time. The washer is not one of those noisy, cheap washers and dryers; it offers a relatively noise-free operation. There are both electric, and gas models available for this make from Kenmore. The dryer also has a wrinkle guard feature that dries the clothes without getting a lot of wrinkles on it. You can get the dryer for an even cheaper rate during the washer dryer sale.

Apart from these, there is an array of washers and dryers available in the market under USD 1000. Whether you get a top loading machine or a front loading one will depend on the space, you have in your laundry area. Keep this factor in mind to ensure that the model you buy fits your home perfectly without any issues.