Best washer and dryer sets of 2017

Washers and dryers have become a necessity in every home. Having your washer and dryer set helps you quickly get your laundry chores done without having to spend your time at Laundromats.

When shopping for washers and dryers, opting for a washer and dryer set or bundle is the best way to ensure you get a matching washer and dryer not just in style but also in terms of the functionality.

There are many washers and dryer sets or bundles available in the market. Here are the best ones you can buy in 2017 – the Maytag washer dryer bundle, Whirlpool washer dryer bundle, and Bosch washer dryer bundle.

Maytag Maxima XL Front Load Steam Washer and Dryer Set

This washer and dryer bundle is one of the best ones when it comes to design and style. This Maytag washer dryer bundle is a high-efficiency set of a washer and dryer. The bundle is aimed at making it easier and more convenient to get laundry chores done. Both the washer and the dryer in this Maytag washer dryer bundle offer a versatile range of cycles and setting to suit different laundry needs. The washer and dryer let you customize all possible settings which include the soil level, temperature setting, and the spinning speeds among the others.

One of the features of the washer from this Maytag washer dryer bundle worth highlighting includes the ‘overnight’ setting that washes and dries (in the machine itself) a light load overnight so that you get clean and dry clothes when you wake up. The dryer included in this Maytag washer dryer bundle also offers a high performance and can tackle heavy duty laundry loads with its 7.3 cubic feet drum. The advanced moisture sensing technology together with features like wrinkle-free drying reduced static cycles, and steam cycle makes it a great buy.

Whirlpool WFW75HEFW Washer and Whirlpool WED75HEFW Dryer

Like the Maytag washer dryer bundle mentioned above, this too is worth every penny. The washer is Energy Star certified and has a front-loading design. The 4.5 cubic feet wash drum is ideal for small to medium-sized families and has features like automatic load sensors, touch controls, recent settings’ memory, delayed start option and precision dispensing of detergent and other additives.

The washer offers eight wash cycles to take care of different wash needs for different kinds of laundry loads. The dryer has a 7.4 cubic feet capacity and comes with six drying cycles and has advanced features like moisture level sensors, wrinkle-free drying cycles and a dedicated cycle that reduces the energy consumption.

Bosch 800 Series White Front Load Stackable Bundle

This stackable front loading washer and dryer bundle live up to the reputation of the brand to provide machines with brilliant performance with the least noise. The appliance comes with 15 wash cycles which are more than what is offered with the Maytag washer dryer bundle or the Whirlpool bundle mentioned above.

Just like the washer, the dryer too offers 15 drying cycle options and has the moisture sensing technology to set the cycle time for each load automatically. This stackable bundle is ideal for small families as the washer has a 2.2 cubic feet capacity and the dryer has a four cubic feet capacity. This is the best washer and dryer bundle when it comes to noise-free operation.

There are many other washer-dryer bundles available in the market if these do not suit your needs. Compare the different models and their prices in various stores to zero in on the best one.