Best washer and dryer combos of 2017 under $900

The main motivation for buying the best appliances is that it can save time and doesn’t require one to invest a lot of energy in completing the chore. A washer and dryer is a combination that allows people to heave a sigh of relief since there will be no dirty laundry piling up. Washer and dryer combos are all in one washing and drying machines that are great for compact homes or limited laundry areas. You get all the functions of a washer and dryer in one unit instead of two side by side or stackable units.

Most of these washer and dryer combos are lesser than 35 inches in height and are not more than 27 inches in width, making them easier to fit into small spaces. These are great for power and energy saving since you use a single machine. Also, there are a number of portable variants available for washer and dryer combos. A lot of these combos can be plugged directly into the sink and do not need any separate plumbing changes to one’s home.

While there are a number of cheap washers and dryer combos available in the market, not all of them offer great performance. Here are the top dryer and washer combos that are efficient in several aspects and are available under USD 900.

Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3
This is the best washer and dryer combo for those who may often forget to do the laundry at the right time as it has a delay option that lets you load the laundry and delay the cycle to the time you actually want the laundry to start. This delay start option can be set for up to 24 hours.

Another feature worth highlighting is the wrinkle-free washing and drying feature that gives you perfectly dried and more importantly wrinkle-free clothes after each cycle. Users do not even have to worry about spending their precious time cleaning the interiors of the machine as it comes with a tub clean cycle that cleans the wash drum. This energy efficient washer and dryer combo have a user-friendly LCD panel that lets you customize the wash and dry cycles according to your needs.

Summit SPWD2200W
The Summit SPWD2200W is the best washer and dryer combo for those who have very basic laundry needs. The combo comes with seven washing cycle options and has an easy to use digital display. The unit scores well on the energy efficiency aspect and costs less than USD 15 to operate annually.

The machine is a front loading unit with 2 cubic feet capacity. The machine is a good looking unit that allows for the wash cycles and other settings such as the spinning speeds and temperature to be adjusted according to the users’ needs.

Midea US-FC70-DS12DSH
This is the ideal and the best washer and dryer combo for those looking for machines with lesser vibrations and more advanced features. One of the advanced features of this machine is the automatic load sense feature which is less common for washer and dryer combos in this range.

This machine at this price has more features than even the best washer dryer bundle of higher price ranges. When it comes to washing the machine, it offers a number of washing cycles, however, the machine lacks some of the much-needed drying cycles. This washer dryer combo has a large display and is very energy efficient as it costs less than USD 12 to operate for an entire year.

Before you arrive at a conclusion that a particular model is the best washer and dryer combo, you need to keep in mind your laundry needs and the features you are looking for in a washer and dryer combo. Compare the prices for the washer and dryer combo you intend to buy on different websites and different stores to get the best washer and dryer combo for the best price.