Best top load washers under different categories

Owning one of the best top load washers can work wonders in making your laundry process enjoyable. Most of us dread the day when we have to do an entire load of laundry from the week and sometimes from the past week as well. There is a wide range of top load washers that can make the task less tedious for you. With the wide range, they are also equipped with different technologies. Most of the brands have dropped the traditional agitator action and are resorting to impellers that make the process easier. Following is a list of some of the best top load washers from different categories.

Best overall – Samsung WA50M7450AW
Coming in as the best overall top load washers, the 5.0 cubic feet Samsung washing machine is packed with many features and capabilities along with a mid-range pricing. This top load washer has 11 different wash cycles that you can choose from, along with special options to wash activewear, beddings, or other items that require a deep wash. Furthermore, there are settings that allow you to adjust the soil level, spin speed, and temperature for each cycle. There are other top load washers, that have a higher number of cycles, although this one has the best combination of special features, techniques, and pricing that makes it the best overall top load washer.

Best affordable – Amana® NTW4516FW
If you are looking for a high-quality top load washer, but are constrained by a budget, the Amana® NTW4516FW is the ideal choice for you. It is a machine that is not loaded with the special features, but it runs exceptionally well with the basic features it entails. It is powered by the traditional central agitator, which has two pieces that work independently inducing effective circulation of the load in the drum. It takes a step back with only eight wash cycles as compared to 11 and 12 by other brands. However, it does not fall behind in performing any of the washing functions and can handle all the everyday laundry scenarios. It stands out among the budget washers due to its self-cleaning cycle, which is not common among other washers in the same bracket.

Best for water saving – Whirlpool WTW5000DW
This top load washer by whirlpool featuring 12 wash cycles and an impeller based washing system is ideal as a water-saving top load washer. It is a top load washer that has amazing reviews from the customers, as they love its ability to wash any load with a minimal consumption of water. Once the load size is detected and the water is filled, the impeller will guide the load into the center of the machine, where the cleaning action is strongest; this allows the machine to consume less water than others. You will, however, be needed to follow the instruction diligently to achieve effective water saving. Along with being good for water saving, this machine has most of the top features and is gentle on the clothes, saving them from wear and tear.

Best for smart homes – GE Smart Top Load Washer with Wi-Fi
An ideal machine for your smartphone, this top load washer is one of the best connected washers in the market. It is 4.5 cubic feet and might not be the largest, but it still holds the ability to accommodate large loads of laundry. It is common for most of us to forget a washed load of laundry in the machine, but that won’t be the case with this machine. The top load washer is loaded with smart features, including a feature that gives you timely reminders of the finished fresh load. Once you download the GE Laundry app, you will be notified about the washing, reminded about the completion of the load and give you the ability to set custom washing settings from the phone. Along with being efficient and smart, the machine ranks high on energy saving as well, which makes it the best top load washer for a smart home.