Best stores that offer plus size clothing for women over 60

Shopping time can seem like a real drag for most plus-size women. Women are beautiful in all their sizes, shapes and forms, but the fashion industry has not fully embraced this fact yet. So, shopping for dresses for women over 60 may seem tough. But the good news is that there are a few stores that sell plus size clothes meant for older women.

If you are one of those beautifully aging ladies who try out a dress only to find that it does not fit well around the bust or waist and gapes through spaces between buttons, then check out the stores mentioned below:

  • City Chic – If you do not have budget concerns, then this store has it all for you. Whether you are looking for dresses for women over 50 or older, it does not matter. This one-of-a-kind store has a wide selection of dresses, suits, tops, bottoms, and lingerie among others. The clothes are perfect for curvy women, and they have an excellent clothing line for older women . the dresses are not too bright yet quite captivating and sensual. The store is so sure about its fit that it offers fit guarantee along with free shipping. They also accept returns, if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Torrid – This store has great pieces among all of its lines. The store sells tops, dresses, pants, shoes and everything else in women’s apparel. A great thing about this store is that it offers 25% off on all available clothes, though it is limited to online shopping only. Dresses for women over 60 are available in great abundance out here. Although the clothes are not very affordable, they are reasonably priced if you consider shopping online and claiming your 25% discount. The quality of these dresses for women over 60  clothes is pretty good, and you shall find a variety of fits that cater to plus size and older women. Right from casual dresses to formal and party wear, it has stock of all.
  • Autograph Fashion – This is one of those rare stores, which houses clothes with sizes ranging from 14-26. The store has superior quality and incredibly flexible and stretchable dresses women over 60 will like. These are ideal for women who are not in the best of shapes. However, the stretchable garments on offer here are not skinny fit. The clothes are designed with quality stretchable material that does not take the contour of your body but instead, allows the garment to stretch out in those tricky places such as the bust line, waistline, and backside area. The clothes are made from breathable fabric, and their return policies are great too, just in case you need them.
  • Millers – This store have started stocking dresses for women over 60 after they recently extended their size range, which means doors are now open for all those gorgeous plus size women. The clothes on display at this store are trendy and updated every season. With fresh arrivals continually making rounds, you are guaranteed a new arrival every time you come in to purchase a garment. Be it tops, pants, dresses, sweaters or swimwear; you shall find something of your taste out here. For online shoppers, this store offers free delivery for orders over $60 and also supports “afterpay” for online shopaholics. If you are looking for dresses that are rare, then the store offers exclusive styles for online buyers.

If you are on a prowl for classy and sensual plus size dresses for women over 60, then consider the stores mentioned above and you won’t be disappointed.