Best sides with mac and cheese casserole

When you’re all set to prepare your cheesy favorite, mac & cheese casserole recipe, you might be wondering what to serve with it? Well, if you haven’t really given that a thought, then here are some delicious and super easy sides that complement your mac & cheese casserole recipe the best. Take a look!

Buffalo wings are a classic combo
Whether you call for a house party or have your friends coming along, a simple and appetizing is good to go with a plate full of buffalo wings. While it takes about an hour to prepare it, the ingredients used for buffalo wings are very simple. The proper seasoning and marinade is the key to getting the perfect buffalo wings.

Fried pickles are a hit
Don’t take the usual pickle recipes and try the new version that is crispy fried. Serve this with spicy mayo made at home with some lemon zest and pepper seasoning. Fry these pickles till they are golden brown and do not forget to take out the extra oil with paper towels.

Spiced short ribs can’t be a miss
Getting the perfect balance of spices and flavors is the key in this recipe. Get your own mix of spices and blend these spices together to get the marinade of your liking. Top these short spicy ribs with fried shallots for a crunchy texture!

Beef chili makes it a complete meal
Popularly known as a one-pot wonder, chili recipes are best for winters and can be served as a side with mac & cheese casserole recipe. You can go with either a large number of chili recipes that are already available or prepare one with your own bunch of spices and ingredients.

Fried mushrooms for the vegetarian friends
Don’t let your vegetarian friends feel left out when you call them for a house party. Prepare delicious fried mushrooms that very well complements the mac & cheese casserole recipe. If you don’t like to fry the mushrooms, then you can also prepare the same with butter garlic that adds delicious flavors to your taste palate.

Stir-fried greens
If you are not fond of any of the above sides with mac & cheese casserole, then you would surely want to go with stir-fried green vegetables. If not stir fried, then just steamed broccoli and beans would be good to go with.