Best rated bed mattresses of 2017

If you are planning on buying a new mattress this festive season, you must be for sure educating yourself on some of the finer points of ordering a mattress. There are several different qualities that mattress companies boast about. In order to choose the best-rated mattress, it is very important for you to first list down your preferences, requirements, sleep position, and figure type, amongst other criteria. In this article, we have pointed out two of the best-rated mattresses of 2017. With these facts, you will surely be able to pick out the most comfortable and suitable mattress for your homes.

Amerisleep AS2
Amerisleep’s AS2 has topped the best-rated bed mattress chart, based on the overall value and consumer ratings. Designed specifically for stomach and side sleepers, Amerisleep is one of the first online mattress retailers. AS2 is a hi-tech mattress whose cover is infused with the exclusive Celliant technology, a material chosen by the FDA1 to escalate comfort and ensure more restful sleep. As recommended by several customers, Celliant helps people fall asleep faster and tends to have a sound sleep.

Amerisleep is also the best rated mattress as it has evolved memory foam technology. Amerisleep’s Bio-Pur memory foam is made of advanced open-cell structure which allows smooth airflow through the foam. Sound airflow ensures that the heat doesn’t get trapped and keeps you cool while you are asleep. Airflow also provides the bounciness of the mattress and ensures it gets back to its original shape as you dream at night.

This mattress collection also consists of an affinity transition layer alongside surface modification technology (SMT) that allows the foam to expand, thus ensuring targeted pressure respite in trouble spots like the shoulders and the lower back.

Along with its outstanding quality and comfort, Amerisleep knows that customers are their best judge. In order to ensure that everyone’s happy with their product range, it offers a 100 night risk-free sleep trial just to help their customers experience their bed and see the difference for themselves. , Also, they offer an industry-leading two-decade warranty to shield customers even when the trial is over. With so many fantastic features, Amerisleep tops all mattress ratings and ranks high up in the list of best-rated bed mattresses

Bear Mattress
Bear is the next mattress in the list of the best-rated mattresses that offer excellent support and great comfort. Not only does it provide a unique combination of comfort and support, it is absolutely refreshing. Made with eco-friendly material, Bear mattress was designed after detailed research on consumer needs and its construction is based on insights given by professional athletes, sleep experts, and engineers. It is the best-rated mattress for its very cool, supportive, and incredibly comfortable sleeping experience.

The bear mattress comprises of the following four layers of advanced foam:

  • Graphite gel foam
  • Response foam
  • HD support foam
  • Technical foam spec

The graphite-infused foam ensures improved thermal conductivity as it combines open-cell high air-flow phase change foam along with the super-conductive graphite. Also, its unique open cell polymer structure improves air flow by 95% to produce breathable and odorless foam with greater convective heat flow. The integration of hyper-conductive graphite, having up to 10,000x better thermal conductivity in comparison to the regular foam, helps in enhancing the thermal conductivity of the phase change foam.

The qualities that make Bear mattress rank among the top 5 mattresses of 2017 have been listed below.

  • Pressure-relief, comfort, and cooling – This mattress has been created by incorporated Celliant far-infrared textile technology. This helps the body sleep better, recover faster and also improves overall performance.
  • It ensures enhanced spinal alignment – Graphite Gel along with response foam helps with spinal position and provides pressure point relief.
  • It helps in increasing energy level –With Bear mattress, you will fall asleep faster thus resulting in increased energy as well as enhances performance.