Best Quality Memory Foam Mattresses Of 2018

Memory foam mattresses are popular for a reason. They are comfortable and offer the much-required support to the users. If you are looking for a mattress to buy, here is a list of the best quality mattresses available on the market-

Nectar Mattress
This memory foam mattress is among the best on the market. It offers better and balanced support and comfort than any other mattresses. The motion transfer feature of this mattress is exceptional. The same can be said about pressure relief and support. The foam layers may not be as responsive as it should be but that does not impact its overall quality, which is extremely good. This would be a good option if you are looking for a higher than medium firmness in a mattress. Moreover, its superb cooling properties makes it quite the item to go for. You get to enjoy an even level of comfort when you sit or sleep on it. The best part about buying a Nectar mattress is that it comes with a 365-day trial which is enough to understand whether you should keep it or not.

  • Price Point – $795 approximately

Tuft & Needle Memory Foam Mattress
This mattress uses proprietary foam formulation of the brand itself to offer something different and better to consumers. This 10-inch memory foam mattress has a firmness level of 6. The top layer is made using a 3-inch poly foam layer with a 2.9 pounds PCF measurement. This foam is designed to be cooler than latex and bouncier than regular memory foam. Thus, you get to experience the goodness both latex and memory foam when you use it. Earlier, this mattress used to be a little firmer, but they have changed it to medium firmness level, which is ideal for most people. The second base layer has a 7-inch base support foam with 1.8 pounds PCF. This layer serves the objective of supporting the full weight of the person or people sleeping on the mattress. It reduces motion transfer and allows the bed its foundational core. One of the differences of this mattress from other brands is the extra bounce it gives. This is likely to have some appeal, especially after a long day’s work. This product offers excellent pressure relief too. This mattress offers a 30-day trial period and 10-year limited warranty.

  • Price Point – $575

Leesa Mattress
The only way to determine whether Leesa mattress is right for you or not is to consider the firmness or softness level you prefer. It is somewhat in the middle of the road as far as firmness is concerned. This is a great product if heat retention is an important factor for you to consider a mattress. Leesa mattress remains cool and retains very little heat. This is an extremely high-quality mattress. In fact, it is very soft, softer than several other mattresses. Its level of support is also very good. This mattress is made using high-quality materials. Thus, it is bound to be a great option.

  • Price Point – $907.2

Brentwood Home 13 Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress
This is also a great item to choose if you are looking for a nice memory foam mattress. The medium firmness feels mattress offers gel-infused memory foam of 3.5 inches. It is quite quick to respond to the individual shape, temperature, and weight of the body. It also has a 7.5-inch therapeutic base that offers long-lasting support along with a solid support base. This mattress has a high-standard finish. It includes a wood lining that helps to resist odors and remove moisture. It helps to control the body heat by creating microclimates.

  • Price Point – 732.23

The best thing about buying a mattress is that it comes with 365-days trial period in most cases and has a 10-years limited warranty. Some brands even offer a lifetime warranty on their products. Thus, even if you do not like the mattress, you can return the same quite easily.