Best kitchen appliances to own

The modern-day kitchen is incomplete without the best kitchen appliances to aid the process of cooking. If food is the soul of the kitchen then appliances are the heart of any kitchen. Each kitchen has its share of useful and not-so-useful appliances. The trick is to invest in appliances that are not just useful but worthy of the money you are about to spend in them.

Today the supermarket shelves are filled with infinite kitchen appliances and we feel this inherent desire to own everything. All appliances come with their share of pros and cons. Owning and using the best kitchen appliances can completely transform the way you cook food.

Best Kitchen Appliances

The appliances for kitchens are designed to make things easier and save time. Here is a list of must-have kitchen appliances that can change the way you cook and save a lot of time.

Slow cooker
Though some may not agree to the principle of slow cooking since these days everyone wants instant cooking, one cannot deny the nutritional qualities they retain while cooking. A slow cooker is ideal for large potlucks and one pot meal. Buyers can purchase these kitchen appliances during sales when prices are slashed.

Coffee makers
A coffee maker is an appliance crafted especially for coffee lovers, who desire coffee frequently throughout the day. Freshly brewed coffee is ready in minutes!

Food processor
One should not underestimate the power of a food processor in any kitchen. Tedious work such as slicing, chopping, kneading messy dough, blending, pureeing and others can be done in a jiffy by a food processor. A food processor is one of the must-have appliances in a kitchen.

There are other luxurious appliances which have become a necessity these days. Such kitchen appliances, when bought during sales, work out cheaper.

Induction cooktop
An induction cooktop is very convenient if you have guests for dinner or are having a party. Basically one can shift the cooktop to wherever you are cooking. It’s like having an open kitchen where you can entertain the guests and even indulge in cooking.

Wall Oven
The oven present with the cooktop in any house is very different from the newly introduced wall oven. Wall ovens facilitate baking and boiling the restaurant way. This wall oven is priced at USD 3,900 and is a must buy in kitchen appliance sales. One can single-handedly open both oven doors at a time and the oven can even be controlled with a smartphone.

Stand mixer
These days, a stand mixer is a common sight in all kitchens that are into baking. KitchenAid stand mixers are the most sold appliances for kitchen bakers. Its functions include whipping, mixing, kneading, and additional attachments also include a pasta maker. A stand mixer can come in handy if preparing cupcakes or cookies in a large batch for school or office parties.

Warming drawers
This is a new concept, where you get to keep the plates, spoons, cups, and other cutlery warm before serving to the guests. This kitchen appliance can maintain a temperature of 90 to 250 degrees which is warm enough to proof bread dough.

Steam Oven
Where everyone wants healthy and less oily food, steam oven is a healthy and nutritious change in the world of kitchen appliances. A steam oven does not require any oils or unwanted fats while cooking. One of the best kitchen appliances to get during a sale is the innovative steam oven which can be installed in the wall just like a microwave.

Appliances in kitchens decorate the kitchen with their multi-purpose utility and use. Of course, any kitchen appliance asks for investment, but it gives returns too, by saving time and effort.