Best Franchises to Own Right Now!

You have been looking to start your own business, you have raised some initial capital, but how do you know what business to start! Obviously, it has to be something you are good at, but how do you know it is going to work and it will bring in the rewards you seek. Franchisors know their market and have created formulas proven to work in various markets. So, this might be the best time to own a franchise. Here is our pick of top franchises to buy right now!

Checkers Drive-In: Checkers has been around for over 30 years, but has begun franchising only recently in 2010. The fast food franchise is a hot property today and is rated highly for growth prospects, training, and support. With an initial capital investment of $250K and total investments of up to $520K, Checkers is one of the popular picks.

The Cleaning Authority: Our second pick, The Cleaning Authority, has been around from 1996. An initial investment of just $44K will get you started and this home maintenance company will help you finance the remaining investment. The home cleaning industry is currently seeing a rising trend, with more people calling in for domestic cleaning services.

AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care: AAMCO offers a range of services under its franchise. Franchises begin at an initial capital of $65K and total investments can range between $227K-333K. AAMCO has been franchising since 1963 and is a brand to reckon with. Recently AAMCO Franchise has shown up on many top 10 lists in the US.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts: Hyatt has been franchising since 1957. With a capital of $139K-188K. you can buy into a Hyatt franchise. The company has an international reputation and offers more than hotels and resorts. Hyatt is the only hotel franchise to make it to our list.

Maid Brigade: Another home cleaning service in our list, goes to show that the trends in hiring cleaners to clean homes are rising. Maid Brigade has been answering the call to clean homes since 1979. A low investment of $25K-40K can get you a franchise, with options on Financing the total investment of $85K – 125K.

Grease Monkey: The second automotive maintenance franchise in our list, Grease Monkey specializes in the preventive auto care and has been around since 1978. With as little as $30K investors can get their business going. Grease Monkey is not owned by any oil company and offers its franchisees the best possible bargain on oils.