Best Electronic Toys For Kids In 2017

Best electronic toys for kids in 2017

When you are buying toys for your kids you usually want them to have fun as well as learn something while doing the activity. It is usually difficult to find this balance. Apart from that, you also want a toy that does not cost you a fortune. Kids electronics are one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to gifting. If you are in the same boat, and deciding is an issue for you as well, then maybe you can find what you are looking for among the best from the categories mentioned below. Read along:

  • Best overall: Razor Hovertax 2.0
    There are only a few kids that do not like riding around on a hoverboard. This kids electronic toy is ideal for kids that are eight and above. It is by far one of the hottest toys in the market right now and has an amazing sale rate. This might not be a gift that can enhance the educational skills of your kid, but it works best to hone their motor skills as they are going to drive sooner than later. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 can run for around 60 minutes in a single charge and goes up to a speed of 8mph. The weight of the rider should not exceed 220pounds.
  • Best educational: VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk
    Kids electronics are not always the best choice when it comes to toys. But an electrically powered educational gift can be a great toy for your kid. It not only helps them in having fun, it also gives them something to learn and that’s what most parents desire. The VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk is ideal for your kid to learn as well as have fun, it comes in different forms that allow your kid to do various activities on the same desk. The touchscreen pad enables them to work on geometry, designs, numbers as well as paint and draw.
  • Best video game: Nintendo switch
    As much as you want your child to learn from every toy you will have to give them some toys that they can have fun with and forget about the learning part for a while. The Nintendo switch is one of the best video games you can get your child, it topped the charts in the early stages of its release and has been there since. The switch is a proper follow up to the DS line as the Wii line. The console is a thing one-pound tablet with a 6.2-inch screen. It will not burn a hole in your pocket as it has a long life, unless your kids indulge in outdoor sports with it. Kids electronics are one of the best fields to buy toys for kids.
  • Best Smartwatch: Orbo Bluetooth kids smartwatch
    This watch works on a bluetooth connectivity and connects easily with all different types of smartphones and tablets; it is one of the best kids electronics toy. It is designed in a way to suit the requirements of a kid and has been set up to provide them timely updates and reminders. The watch also comes with different types of games and activities for kids, like exciting ways to read time and so on. The watch also has an on-board camera that allows you kids to take selfies as well as pictures, it has an internal memory of 1GB and is expandable up to 32 GB.

Even though gifting kids electronics can be a trouble, the above mentioned toys can help you out and if not you can also gift them a camera or a laptop.