Best DIY hair dye kits to cover grey hair

The areas of the body that display the first signs of aging are the hair and the skin. Eating healthy food and exercising does keep the body healthy, but the current adulterated world needs more than just good food and workout to maintain a youthful appearance. Grey hair is what irks most people, and it is not just aging that causes grey hair to appear on your crowning glory, even youngsters have grey hair. In such cases, most people choose to dye their gray hair, so they are on the lookout for the right shade. The hair colors that are available come in various types, such as semi-permanent, permanent and highlights. It is essential to choose a hair color that covers the gray hair without drying it out. You can select a Do-It-Yourself hair dye which gives you a natural look and the proper coverage required for your gray hair.

Solutions to cover your gray hair
Most people do not like to get gray hair as it makes them look older. The best dyes for gray hair offer a lot of color choices. You can choose from semi-permanent or permanent dyes.

Permanent Hair dye
The permanent dye covers the gray hair better than the semi-permanent ones. They dye the hair by using one color. Many of these hair dyes comprise of chemicals such as hydrogen and ammonia which helps to bond the color to the hair. You can opt for lighter shades when using the permanent DIY hair dyes.

Brands offering permanent hair dye kits

  • Clairol Nice & Easy: It is a permanent hair dye with lighter hair shades. These hair colors are well-known for its excellent quality and gray coverage. The dyes come in 40 shades. This hair dye offers a natural looking, multidimensional color that resembles the original shade dimensions found in uncolored and natural hair. This hair dye kit is available for less than $10.
  • L’Oreal Excellence Crème: Most people prefer this hair dye kit because it offers excellent coverage as well as rich color tones. The forty-four shades come in non-drip colors. Apart from that, the dye also brings the natural coverage option to the hair. The conditioner has collagen that conditions and protects your hair for about 8 weeks. This kit is reasonably priced at less than $10.
  • John Frieda Precision Foam Colour: This permanent hair dye is simple to use and spreads evenly over the head to provide the salon-quality dye saturation results. This hair dye kit is available in twenty-one colors. This product can be purchased for less than $15.

Highlights are another form of permanent hair dye which helps women to cover their gray hair. It offers a more natural look. Adding highlights blends your gray hair making it look less obvious and more stylish.

Semi-Permanent Dyes
The semi-permanent dyes are the best dyes for gray hair as they do not contain peroxide or ammonia. Some of the best semi-permanent hair dyes are:

  • Clairol Natural Instincts – It is available in thirty-six shades and priced at less than $6.
  • Umberto Beverly Hills U Color – It provides vibrant and rich colors in many different shades. It has 20 colors and is available for less than $15
  • Wella Color Charm – It offers natural-looking and long-lasting results. This hair dye is available in seventeen colors and is priced below $7.

Healthy tips to cover your gray hair
In addition to using the right hair color or dye maintaining the health of your hair is also necessary. You can follow these tips for healthy hair.

  • Condition the hair while washing it
  • A weekly condition treatment is necessary

Once you find the best dyes for gray hair, you can follow these tips for a longer lasting color.

  • Use conditioners and shampoos made for color-treated hair.
  • Shampoo the hair less often.