Best companies that offer free cell phones for seniors

Cell phones are for personal safety in the case of many senior citizens. Most of them cannot afford one hence these worries can be negated with free cell phones for seniors for their ease and comfort. In the case of rural and metropolitan areas, the free cell phones for seniors are a lifeline for them. There are many single seniors living alone but travel quite far for their services like buying groceries, medical services, daily requirements, grooming etc. Imagine a situation where your senior folk is stranded all alone probably forgot the way back home, during this time a cell phone can help them in many ways. If they cannot dial they can seek the help of others to dial the number required. In the case of an emergency or an accident, a cell phone for seniors would help to get timely help and assistance.

Cell phones can be a mode of communication for these seniors in their old age to keep in touch with their friends and other family members. It is not tough to qualify for a free cell phone for seniors, all you need is to be a senior citizen with an ID proof for applying and choosing the phone and service. The incomes level should be below 135 percent of the federal government rule. If the senior citizen has been actively participating with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program, low-income home energy assistance program or supplemental security income, then they can qualify for free cell phones easily.
Here are three top companies that provideĀ free cell phones for seniors.

  • Safelink wireless
    They are known for being one among the best government-funded free cell phone for seniors. Senior citizens who qualify can get 250 minutesā€™ free talk time every month. One can even get a top up with extra talk time at just around $5 for an additional 750 minutes of extra talk time and $20 for 1000 texts all with a validity of one month.
  • enTouch Wireless
    They offer many good services just the way Assurance, Safelink, and Budget offer. The free cell phones for seniors are mostly given for hearing issues.