Best cellphone plans for family in the country

Be it a family of two, three, four or even five, choosing a cell phone plan which just suits everyone is a challenging task. Telecom companies offer plenty of promotional deals and best-curated offers to provide the best cell phone deals for a family. Ideally, a good plan should have good talk time in terms of minutes, ample free messaging service and data for the streaming videos and online content. Going through the right plan and trying to get the best for one’s money is something everyone wishes for and here are some of the best family cell phone deals.

  • T-Mobile One
    T-Mobile is known for its amazing network not only across the States but also internationally. T-Mobile offers one of the best family cellphone plans at $160 for four connections. If one wishes to avail a three-connection plan, then the price drops to $140. The added perks surely do make this plan a must buy. If the network is good, then the user can avail free Netflix subscription and unlimited streaming at 480p. The plan offers free 4G mobile hotspot and free in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights. Additional tablets or even apple watch can be added to the network by paying an extra charge. Apart from the free data, T-Mobile offers one free app on iOS and android on every Tuesdays.
  • Sprint
    Sprint does put a decent fight at deciding the best family cell phone plan. The unlimited freedom pack offered by Sprint charges $60 for the first line and $40 for the second connection. Three more extra connections can be added to the existing connection at no extra charge. The plan offers unlimited talk time, data, free 1080p HD streaming, and free Hulu subscription. Compared to T-mobiles 480p streaming, this plan is a real upgrade. Sprint also allows iPhone and Samsung users to upgrade their device every twelve months.
  • Cricket Wireless Unlimited 2 Plan
    Cricket Wireless is known for its superior network. Cricket’s Unlimited 2 plan is an excellent non-contractual plan. They offer four connections at around $100 for a month and it is by far the cheapest when compared to other plans. The data speed has its speed capped to 3Mbps for unlimited plans but speed capping is removed for 2GB and 5GB plans since they are limited data plans. The lower plans enable the user to purchase data at just about $10 for 1 GB. Cricket network has unlimited international calls to landlines in more than 36 countries.