Best Cell Phone Deals in 2018

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of life and one cannot imagine a world without them. They have entered the individual space of humans, something no technology could ever do on a large scale in the past. Integrating utilitarian functions with convenience, cell phones have never been so popular. Access to the latest technology has motivated all mobile companies to provide users with powerful devices that transform the way a cell phone is used. Today, cell phones are capable of supplementing human knowledge and effort in the best possible way through various applications. They are equipped with not only the basic features of calling and messaging but also, a multitude of exclusive features such as Internet surfing. In fact, through applications, one can learn new languages; check the number of times he walked during the day; read news articles or set reminders for the day. If you wish to take advantage of this facility that allows you to perform all functions in one place, look for the best cell phone deals both online and offline.

Nobody wants to be left behind in the rat-race today. With the e-commerce booming, most of the online stores offer excellent cell phone deals that leave the consumers spoilt for choice. Cell phone deals enable a person to buy a phone of his/her choice and within a specific budget. Also, you can shop from an online store at your convenience and from any part of the world.

Some popular stores that offer great cell phone deals are;

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • AT & T Wireless
  • Best Buy
  • T-Mobile
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Banggood
  • Griffin
  • Daily Steals
  • TomTop
  • MetroPCS
  • iTunes
  • Motorola
  • Craigslist

Here, we have compiled a list of cell phone deals offered by various online stores.

  • Apple iPhone X
    $1,099.99 at Best Buy
    $999.00 at Apple
    $999.99 at T-Mobile USA
  • LG V30
    $749.99 at Best Buy
    $800.00 at T-Mobile USA
    $840.00 at Verizon Wireless
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
    $644.99 at
    $749.99 at Best Buy
    $750.00 at T-Mobile USA
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
    $709.96 at
    $709.96 at Amazon Marketplace
    $840.00 at Best Buy
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
    $929.99 at
    $929.99 at Amazon Marketplace
    $949.99 at Walmart
  • LG G6
    $549.99 at
    $549.99 at Amazon Marketplace
    $729.99 at Best Buy
  • iPhone 8
    $849.00 at Apple
    $899.00 at Walmart
    $949.99 at Best Buy

Other cell phone deals on are.

  • BLU R2 PLUS at $129.99
  • LG Q6 at $179.99
  • OnePlus 5T A5010 at $550.00
  • Google Pixel 2 GSM/CDMA Unlocked at around $575.00

From the leading names in the business such as Samsung, Apple, LG, Motorola and Huawei phone to some others that are not so well known, every brand is growing in popularity. The regular cell phone deals by online stores are a great way to get a phone of your choice.

Compare cell phone deals on the same device both in the shops as well as online stores mentioned above. Mostly, online sites will provide better cell phone deals, but don’t forget to read the deliverables because many a time, cost-cutting takes place by eliminating components such as headphones or memory card. Upgrade to the latest cell phone based on your requirement by considering the following:

  • Type
    Many individuals have the habit of keeping two phones, one as a personal device and the other for performing basic functions only. While the former can be tech-savvy, the latter can be any other regular phone that has got a great battery life.
  • Operating system
    Android, iOS or Windows, choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with. Blackberry that was a great option once for office goers has failed to make a mark now.
  • Interface and aesthetics
    Complicated technologies do not attract anyone, a reason why Windows phones have failed. Apple has a simple, straightforward interface while Android is a bit complicated but not that difficult to use either.

Other aspects worth considering include connectivity, camera quality, and accessibility of the phone you wish to purchase.