Best brands for hearing aids that are cost-effective

Hearing aids are there to assist those with hearing difficulties. They come in different types and have three main categories – basic, mid-range, and premium. Based on the type and the technology involved, hearing aids differ in price. You can find a wide assortment of both cost-effective as well as expensive hearing aids in the market. For those who are looking for affordable hearing aids, we have shortlisted a few brands known for offering quality and cost-effective products. Following are the hearing aid comparisons that will make your decision easy.

  • Audicus

Audicus is a popular brand that specializes in offering hearing aids, which are versatile in design and are available at competitive prices. The company offers three types of German-manufactured digital hearing aids – Dia II, Uno, and Oro. The tiny and discreet hearing aids that Audicus offers are highly customizable, as users can maximize the hearing aid’s capability as per their needs. Packed with superb features, Audicus hearing aids are available for $399.

  • NewEar BTE

You may across NewEar BTE in a number of hearing aid comparisons on the internet. An FDA approved hearing amplifier, it is rechargeable and has low power consumption. This model saves six times more power compared to analog models. Additionally, full digital tone quality with noise reduction, clearer voice for improved audio quality, and low audio distortion are the features that make NewEar BTE stand out. This probably is the best hearing amplifier that you can get in the market at a price range of $42.73.

  • Otofonix

Having expertise in manufacturing and marketing audiologist-tested hearing amplifiers, Otofonix rolls out high-quality yet affordable ear sound amplifiers for all ages. Its features include adaptive background noise reduction, pre-programmed digital circuitry, feedback canceling, and enhanced speech understanding. If you look up hearing aid comparisons to find the price for an Otofonix hearing aid, you would be surprised to see that such feature-rich and high-quality hearing aids are available for just $349.99.

  • Unitron

Unitron has built a formidable reputation in offering a wide range of hearing aid instruments and solutions that help improve hearing sensation. Hearing aids that this company rolls out have a perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort. Being one of the top picks for hearing aids, Unitron offers different hearing aid styles suitable for varying levels of hearing loss at a price range of $1499-$2799.

  • Widex

Widex is another company that has earned a name in offering quality and cost-effective hearing solutions. From super hearing aids and tinnitus solutions to other accessories, the company distributes unique hearing aids across 100 countries. Its hearing aids equipped with TruSound, SmartSpeak, Zen, and ClearBand technology and priced between $1499 and $3000 serve as amazing solutions for hearing-impaired individuals. You might find this price to be expensive but only until you consider hearing aid comparisons for gaining comprehensive insights into the actual features and technology that these hearing aids have.

  • LifeEar

LifeEar BOOST and LifeEar Active are the two types of hearing aids that LifeEar offers. The company is a leading supplier of hearing devices that are created with the help of doctors and audiologists. Suitable for people seeking undetectable hearing aids, LifeEar BOOST can be worn behind the ear, and it blends well with various hair colors and skin tones. With digital technology and layered noise reduction, the amplification and sound level of the hearing aid can be adjusted using a single switch. For those suffering from hearing loss, LifeEar BOOST can be an ideal solution. It is feature-rich and can deal with almost every type of hearing loss efficiently. Additionally, it is an inexpensive hearing solution, as it comes at $629.99 for both ears, at $314.99 for the left ear, and costs $314.99 for the right ear.