Best appointment scheduling software in 2018

It can be overwhelming to choose a great online appointment scheduling software which meets all your needs – whether it is booking a haircut, an advice on taxes, or an appointment with a trainer at a gym without any hassle of calling. Appointment scheduling software is the lifeblood of today’s scheduled lifestyle, especially when the process of scheduling and rescheduling appointments often drains people of energy and ends up with them being not productive. Even with a fulltime receptionist, one can find it quite difficult to manage everything. So, appointment scheduling software helps with the constant back and forth without frustrating both the users or the other end:

Agile CRM – It is a complete integrated software that has sales enablement, customer support modules, and marketing automation. The added advantage is the online appointment scheduling capacity, where it gives automatic details of the calendar and open slot information and lets customers book at their convenience. Giving users the freedom to book at their convenience will actually increase the number of meetings. Agile CRM also includes group meeting, email-marketing tool and offer more features that can robust scheduling solution. Agile CRM works best for small and medium businesses who can get the best of it.

Appointy – It is a tremendously useful software if your business depends on social media platforms rather than the marketing company website. It is designed to book appointments from online platforms and can easily embed the booked calendar on the Facebook page. It means the official website is not really necessary. The admin can access the client booked histories, can also create the payment reminders, draft invoices and receive payments through the website. The free plan of Appointy gives unlimited booking for five assistances and additional email marketing available at an affordable price tag of $19.99/month.

Calendly – The software is an easy interface and that works on Google for its sign in process. Unlike other software, this one synced through Google calendar. It accepts meeting request once the user/firm accepts the request the invitation of the same appointment and it will be updated to the google calendar (it also works through MS Outlook). The customers can book meets based on their preferences and available time slots. Different types of the meetings can be scheduled, and Calendy does a really good job for each team or organization meet-ups. Custom event links can also be shared post booking.

Some of the other amazing desktop appointment scheduling software are vCita and Setmore. There are also appointment scheduling mobile apps available, which work well as comprehensive tools in scheduling one’s day.