Best anti-aging creams for all skin types

Night-time skin routines can be very confusing with different kinds of creams available out there. As you age your skin needs some extra love and care, apart from constant hydration and a nourishing diet, that will give it a boost and make it look naturally glowing. There are a variety of different options for people to resort to according to their different skin types and textures peels, masks, brightening, nourishing and what not. Here are the best picks for each skin type:

• Dry: Parched, stretched, dry skin needs extra love and care so look for a serum-like formula that also gets absorbed well onto such skin, moisturizing it. For instance, try the intensively moisturizing formula which has a lightweight formula, but also contains skin perfecting properties. A few spritzes will make your complexion feel instantly smooth, dewy, and glowing. Wrinkles will be visibly smoothed and evened out.

• Normal: If you neither have too dry or too oily of a skin texture and are normal skin-type, you are blessed, yes, but don’t take your skin for granted. Use a denser cream for the night to retain your skin’s texture and smoothness. For normal skin, try a super restorative night cream you need skin care that makes up for sagging skin. It improves skin density and reduces wrinkles.

• Combination: Combination skin type can be tricky your skin will tend to change textures from season to season. In the winters your skin tends to become dry and taut, and in summers, your skin remains greasy and oily all the time. So, you need to look for a formula, that balances your skin’s natural PH levels, but doesn’t dry it out. For combination skin, try the anti-wrinkle firm and lift night cream with a grease-free formula that absorbs works deep into your skin to repair fine lines and wrinkles and ensures that you wake up with firm, glowing skin.

• Oily: Those with Oily skin may feel that they don’t suffer from the usual aging problems like sagging and wrinkles. However, your skin might lose its luster and therefore, look for a night cream that not only nourishes, but makes your skin look super rested and radiant when you wake up. Those with oily skin need to try a night recovery cream- This luxurious formula has a non-greasy, light feel to it. When applied to the skin, it works deep so that you wake up with fresh looking soft skin.