Best accounting software for small businesses of 2018

It is quite confusing to comprehend and understand which accounting software works best for small businesses, as there are too many choices available in the market. What works the best always is a complete solution at an affordable price tag and, more importantly, easy to use. Software that has automated entries, bill payment, invoicing, expense and financial reports alone with reconciliation makes accounting and auditing a stress-free and timesaving process. Listed below are some of the best accounting software of 2018 for small business firms:

  • Saga 50c is a desktop accounting software for small business which is easily accessible anytime from desktop and anywhere through cloud access apps which makes managing financial tasks more efficient. The software features invoicing, cash flow, taxes, inventory and more. Sage 50c accounting software is out in three different packages, with the annual subscription starting from $439.00.
  • FreshBooks is another accounting software created to make life more productive and simple. Users need less time to manage their financial accounts. FreshBooks is an intuitive platform that automates tasks organizing expense, follow up with clients about invoices and tracking time. Like Sage 50c, FreshBooks has three packages and the basic one ‘Lite’ starts from $15 for five clients monthly.
  • Kashoo accounting software works best for any small business owners involved in any business industry. The dashboard is designed carefully to monitor the terms of invoices, payment and expenses, bank feeds, reports and more. The assistance to support the software is real customer care and not a computerized support. The monthly plan comes around $29.95; however, it works out to be cheaper with an annual plan.
  • The free financial software called Wave is for small businesses owners that allow users to track their expenses, send invoices, receive payment and balance financial books. It also features an additional premium payment service which enables businesses to¬†get invoices paid by credit cards and automatically¬†recur bills of loyal customers.
  • QuickBooks is designed to organize finance records conveniently. The accountant can easily share books for collaboration and create dozens of records easily. It connects to the bank account automatically and categorizes transactions. The receipts can be recorded through QuickBooks Mobile app, as well. QuickBooks have four different packages, and the starting package for a self-employed professional is around $5 a month.

These are some of the best accounting software that could help small business owners to organize their financial records with least efforts.