Benefits of purchasing a smartphone with an operator plan

If you thought purchasing a smartphone was confusing, choosing the best cell phone provider is even more confusing than that! Today, there are various cell phone brands providing different options for cell phone models, specifications, prices which can be very overwhelming if you are deciding to buy a new smartphone. Choosing the right mobile operator for your phone is very important to ensure that you get the best connectivity where you live as well as roaming data during travel. Your expensive smartphone could be rendered useless if you don’t have good network connectivity to use the phone!

A lot of mobile operators sell smartphones on an installment basis, wherein you need to pay a certain sum of money as down payment to purchase the phone. The remaining money can be paid to the cell phone providers in installments with or without interest depending on the plan you have chosen. Usually, when a brand new smartphone model is launched, the brand ties up with mobile operators to cater to a larger audience. When this happens, the prices are further reduced and extra value-added services are provided on mobile data or calling for the customer.

So How Does This Benefit You?
If you are on a tight budget and don’t wish to splurge on an expensive smartphone, looking for such deals from the best cell phone providers is the best option for you. Here, you get to choose from the latest models launched by a particular brand and have the option of paying in installments to the mobile operator. You don’t have to wait for months of saving up to buy a smartphone with such deals in the market!

Apart from that, mobile operators generally create personalized or custom plans for customers purchasing such deals. You can avail free mobile data services, slashed prices for international roaming, free calls to the same mobile operator numbers, etc. A lot of mobile operators also allow you to make free calls and send free SMS to a small circle such as your family/friends. You can do all this and a lot more in personalized plans.

Given below are some of the best cell phone providers.

  • Verizon
    Verizon is considered to be the best provider in terms of customer support and performance. Various unlimited plans are offered so that customers can get the best. Total value for money is offered. Moreover, it also has welcome features on calling and data. This way, overage fees can be avoided.
  • T-Mobile
    It’s considered to be the runner-up to Verizon. The best unlimited plans are offered and good perks are given to customers too. For international travelers, T-Mobile is simply the best option.
  • AT&T
    The customer support and network both are solid. Well, it’s giving tough competition to T-Mobile and Verizon. Unlimited plans are the cherry on the cake. With unlimited plans, things have become better for constant talkers.