Benefits of ingredients used in a slow cooker recipe

Slow cooking tends to bring out the flavor in most meat cuts and even vegetables. Often the subtle benefits of slow cooking go unnoticed and people only see it as a cheap and easy alternative to traditional methods, like baking and frying. Slow cooker recipes do not require a lot of supervision, wherein all the ingredients simmer over low heat to be ready in four or five hours. This also reduces the risk of burning or overcooking the ingredients. But there are more benefits of slow cooking, which can be divided across the various ingredient that go in the recipe. Be it your pot roast or chicken stew, the traditional recipes can be easily modified for slow cooking.

Health benefits of slow cooking pot roast: One of the main advantages of cooking over a low flame is that the ingredients used in the recipe, retain their nutritional value which might be otherwise lost in traditional roast, oven or grill recipe. Slow cooked beef or meat not only retains the flavor, but also manages to absorb all the nutrients from the other ingredients and vegetables that complement the recipe in the broth. Vital minerals, vitamins, nutrients, amino acids which are all beneficial for maintain the overall body heath are preserved this way. Tough cuts of meat used in the recipe are also low in fats, which help cut down the overall fat and calorie content. These tough meats can be prepared only in a slow cooker to yield the best possible results.

Health benefits of slow cooking chicken: Slow cooking chicken over time prevents cancer causing toxins to develop which are a high chance in other traditional methods. Grilling and other methods produces glycation from burnt meats, which is the toxic reaction. Slow cooking does not allow the toxins to develop since the meat is cooked over a low flame and chances of overcooking or burning the meat, is the least of your concerns. Slow cooked recipes are beneficial for overall heart health as the main amino acid taurine, which is responsible for cardio vascular health is preserved this way.

The other advantages include minimum use of processed ingredients and foods which can be beneficial for the overall health. Processed foods contained considerable amounts of sodium, fat, calories which will only add to the overall carbohydrate and calorie count in the recipe. Using all natural ingredients or organic ingredients, which can be easily substituted in a slow cooked recipe for readily available ingredients and canned foods ensures a healthy recipe.