Benefits of coconut oil for hair growth

The popularity as well as the use of coconut oil is rapidly increasing globally as it is a natural alternative to improve one’s health, and is one of the greatest applications for better hair. It moisturizes and is used as a conditioner even for the roughest of hair. It stimulates hair growth in a spectacular manner just a little bit of coconut oil can be useful to detangle and to tame messy hair. The proper and regular use of coconut oil can keep a check on dandruff and many more hair issues.

Coconut oil is mainly made up of medium chain fatty acids. It can be used as a treatment for split ends too. Regular use of coconut oil brings about a healthy glow to the hair. It may be the continuous usage of shampoos and other chemicals that leads to long term damage to the hair which can be treated with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil can also be used as a base for hair coloring. It can stimulate hair growth as the vitamins and other essential ingredients for hair growth is present in coconut oil. It can even help to remove the sebum which is a build up from the hair follicles. Last but not the least, it also acts as a protection to the hair from the sun a natural sunscreen!

The oil adds the hair’s luster, shine and softness. It not only stimulates hair growth but also slows down hair loss. Due to the water retention, hair tends to get easily damaged by both the swelling and shrinking of the fibers and this problem can be prevented by coconut oil. Loss of protein from hair makes a damaged and studies have proved that coconut oil is the only oil that reduce such protein deficiency. It has antibacterial properties and hence protects scalp from bacterial and viral infections. It gets deep into hair follicles and hence enhances hair growth. For those with itchy hair, it fights against problems like lice and dandruff. Coconut oil’s chemical structure is the reason for its ability to protect the hairs. It is also a central ingredient for popular hair masks and hair products available in market.

Coconut oil is a must have hair care product in one’s home. Be it young or old, men or women it can be used. Applying coconut oil on a daily basis has proven the best results for the hair. The results are unparalleled because of its neutrality and presence of rich vitamins.