Belk handbags – Offering a bag for every occasion

The craze for handbags is fairly common, and there is a reason for it. Every style of a handbag would complement your personality. The fashion industry has seen several styles of handbags that are must-haves in one’s collection.

There is nothing better than picking up a bag of your choice to go with the outfit you are wearing for any occasion. For this, you need to build your collection and have the latest trends updated in your collection. The one-stop shop for all types of handbags is Belk handbags. They have a wide variety available, and you can find the perfect handbag that will fulfill your fashion and functional needs.

Here are the types that you must own in your collection.

Clutches and Evening bags
A fancy dinner or a fun evening out with friends calls for a small bag. Clutches are one of the best inventions as they allow you to carry all your valuables within your grasp. They come in the most exquisite designs. You can even find one with embellishments to jazz it up. A somber outfit calls for a fancy and attractive clutch. The whole idea behind evening bags is that you do not have to carry much. You can keep all your essentials like credit cards, license, cash, keys, maybe a lipstick or two and your phone.

Crossbody bags
Convenience and style rolled into one, the crossbody bags have been in vogue for a long time now. They come in fresh designs, and the best part is that you just have to wear it across your body and walk freely. They have plenty of space to carry all the little things you need throughout the day. It is the perfect one to carry on a hectic day. It’s best for you to have one of these in your closet in case you have a busy day coming up. You can get them in different styles and choose colors that will even complement your outfit.

Designer handbags
very woman’s closet will have one or several of these. There are hundreds of brands that make these handbags, and they are irresistible. You can find plenty of them at Belk handbags. They look classy and sophisticated and can be carried on any occasion. Be it work or fun, when you walk in with a designer handbag, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

Hobo bags
This charming type has a single handle and a curved body. This type of handbag will have plenty of space. It has a timeless look to it, and there is no outfit you cannot pair it with. Mostly made of leather, you can get bags with ornamentations like tassels, bows, chains, and even multiple pockets. Any fashionista will own at least one hobo bag in their collection.

Originally designed to carry books, the fashion industry revolutionized this style over the years to create an attractive and stylish bag. These are bags that have flaps and have straps which are worn across. They still do have plenty of room, and the latest of the designs even have smaller handles in addition to the straps. This timeless design deserves a space in your collection.

Mini bags
Small in size and every bit as appealing, this is the best one to grab when you are out for short trips to the store or to meet a friend. They are extremely convenient and come in a variety of shapes, designs, and color. You will be spoilt for choice for these at a Belk handbag sale.

Shoulder bags
These are one of the most commonly available handbags. They have two handles that are worn on one shoulder. They have plenty of compartments and come in all sizes too. These are the bags in which women store every essential thing. They are very convenient to use and is a style you probably already own. Explore the variety of shoulder bags in Belk handbags to discover the latest trends.

Handbags are one of the essentials. Investing in them is wise as they help you leave home carrying everything you need, every single day. Having the necessary bag types in your collection will keep you be ready for any occasion. You can explore all kinds and styles of bags at Belk handbags to stay updated with the latest trends.