Bathroom showerheads – The ultimate sanitary essentials

Nothing can step up your mood as much as the accessories in the bathroom. A bathroom is where one can have a relaxing shower to rejuvenate the body after a long, tiring day. Similarly, there is no better way to start the day than with a nice, good quality bathroom showerhead releasing water to freshen you up. While fixed bathroom showerheads relieve you from the hassles of handling the equipment, handheld ones allow you to fulfill different bath requirements. Bathroom showerheads that are movable but also capable of being mounted on a base are highly preferred by customers.

A bathroom showerhead is an equipment that contains a nozzle for dispensing water in the form of a shower. For those of you who do not believe in a bucket bath and swear by the pleasure of taking a shower, bathroom shower heads are more than just dcor accessories. Apart from providing a sleek look, they are essential to enhance the functionality of the bathroom. Sometimes, a hose is attached to a shower head for extra convenience during bathing. Bathroom showerheads come in different shapes and designs to satisfy varying sanitary requirements.

  • Fixed bathroom showerheads These are the most common form of bathroom showerheads typically found in traditional bathrooms. They are connected to a water pipeline inside the wall just like a regular water tap but at a significant height. Some of them may also be affixed to a ceiling wherein the water falls directly on the head of the individual with the help of gravity. Fixed bathroom showerheads are easy to attach to the already existing plumbing arrangements and do not require much alteration in the hardware.
  • Handheld bathroom showerheads While handsets use a hose for additional maneuverability, they can also be made to sit on a fixed platform just like a fixed bathroom showerhead. These can be converted to any form on any given day to fulfill different needs and uses.
  • Shower panel A panel comprises of numerous showerheads that are strategically placed to spray water on different parts of the body. You will find a shower panel in large, modern bathrooms that boast of state-of-the-art accessories. While most of the bathroom showerheads are fixed on the wall, one or two of them might allow some movement.
  • Adjustable bathroom showerheads These are equipped with control options that provide adjustments in the pressure of water. Adjustable showerheads that come with various settings and options can be modified as per individual bathing demands.

Before buying a bathroom showerhead, it is advisable to measure the dimensions of the bathroom. All big brands send their personnel to help prospective customers in this regard who then suggest the right equipment for a safe shower experience.