Automobile care through coupons for wheel alignment by Firestone

The term discount has a huge impact on the human mind and even a small percent of it makes us extremely happy. Firestone is leaving no stone unturned in taking advantage of this small but well-established fact about human psychology. TheFirestone wheel alignment coupons have given car owners a chance to save some extra bucks. First of all, let us understand the meaning of wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is that part of automobile maintenance where the suspension system is modified so as to adjust both the wheels in a manner that makes them parallel to one another and at ninety degrees to the ground. The main purpose is to keep the vehicle aligned and make it travel in a linear motion without pulling to either side, thereby reducing possible wear and tear.

Wheel alignment is essential for safety purposes and for correct handling of the vehicle. Improper alignment can negatively influence fuel economy and if not corrected for a long period, it can damage the entire vehicle. One reason to be associated with Firestone is that the company offers free wheel alignment services after every six months or 6000 miles. Firestone wheel alignment coupons have been furnished to make alignment repair simplified. Not only this, there are various other promotional offers and rebates provided by the company. Have a look at the current list of coupons that Firestone has in store for its customers.

  1. Ten percent off – According to this, if you purchase one Firestone FR710 tire model, you will receive an instant discount of 10% on the point-of-sale price. However, this offer can be availed as long as stocks last or within a specified duration whichever is earlier.
  2. VISA prepaid card – Get a Visa prepaid card for a specified amount on the purchase of selected Tenneco products.
  3. Columbus Day savings – This is a great offer where the company provides 15% off on all services except tires and gift cards. However, if the bill exceeds $ 35, shop charges will be added extra in cities other than California and New York.
  4. Standard Oil Change – Pay $19.99 for installation of a new oil filter and refill of a particular brand of motor oil up to a maximum of 5 quarts. If you wish to get your oil filter recycled, shell out additional $2.99 for the same.
  5. Standard Brake Service – AS per the Firestone wheel alignment coupon, you can get the brakes examined, install new brake pads and also receive parts with a lifetime warranty at $50 per axle.
  6. Oil change – Get $10 off on the installation of a new oil filter and refill of a certain quantity of Pennzoil oil.
  7. Battery check – The Firestone wheel alignment coupon gives you the opportunity to get a free battery check up on your vehicle.
  8. Car care package – Get full car inspection, tire inspection, adjustment of tire pressure, evaluation of the electronic battery, four-tire rotation and washer fluid top off all at an unbelievable price of $9.99.
  9. Bosch wiper blades – According to this coupon, if you purchase one Bosch wiper blade, you get another one free; subject to certain terms and conditions.
  10. Fuel system cleaning – Pay $89.99 and get the fuel system cleaned for higher efficient and superior performance.

The Firestone wheel alignment coupon cannot be combined with any other offer on the same product. Also, neither can they be exchanged for cash nor used to reduce any amount of debt. It is best to visit a Firestone store or call the experts to know in detail the complete terms of every coupon and deal. In addition to wheel alignment, wheel balancing is also provided by the company.