An Overview of the iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6 S Plus was launched in 2014. It was introduced along with iPhone 6. The basic differences between these two models are the pixel resolution and screen size. Several people were apprehensive whether the price difference between these two models was justifiable when the differences in features were taken into consideration. The iPhone 6S Plus price was higher compared to the 6 version. When the price of a smartphone gets higher, people expected a lot of innovations and added features and Apple is a company that keeps on coming up with new models with regular intervals. Quite naturally, people wanted to find out whether six plus models were superior to other phones available in the market.

Big screen size but good enough to fit in your pocket

The 6 Plus version is equipped with a 5.5-inch diagonal screen. It can be described as a very convenient option because you do not have to bother about the small screen size while watching photos and videos. However, the size is not that much big to carry out or keep in your pocket. Apple has taken care of the operability aspect when increased the screen size. This model fits comfortably in your jean’s pocket most of the time, and it also goes well with your coat’s or shirt’s pocket. Many people are looking for online stores that offer used iPhone 6S sale these days.

One of the complaints some people raise is that this iPhone cannot be operated using one hand. The company has included a one-handed feature that permits you to bring 50% of the screen down so that you can reach the icons easily. However, people with small hands find it tough to reach all the way from one side to another. A lot of people use six plus with two hands, and it is possible to type using one hand if you have good typing speed.

Excellent screen resolution

When it comes to screen resolution, 6S Plus stands tall. When you take it for the first time, everything appears nice and clear on the screen. If you use your device with a lot of care and attention, you can easily enjoy excellent display for a long period. Improper care can lead to costly screen repairs.

Simple set up

When it comes to setting up this model, everything is pretty uncomplicated. Great ease of use can be associated with the iOS as far as operation is concerned. In other words, the operating system is straight forward. You just need to follow the instructions provided to know how to get started. If you want to unlock your phone, a fingerprint feature can be used and there is no need to type in the pass code. Simply placing your fingertip on the home button offers access and setting up this feature is also very simple.

The camera of the 6 Plus is capable of capturing crystal clear images. It is an 8-megapixel camera, and excellent clarity of the images can be experienced. You do not have to change too many things to set up the camera because everything is done automatically. Some people are of the opinion that video features could have been better and take pictures in dark conditions or low light becomes a difficult process. In such a situation the image clarity does not live up to the expectations of the users. When you analyze the pros and cons of this device, it is a very good device to have, and the iPhone sales are increasing in a fast manner.