An overview of Costco hearing aids

Costco operates dedicated hearing aid centers to provide free hearing tests and good quality devices. These centers are served by trained staff members who provide services like hearing tests and product demonstrations. You can buy Costco hearing aids as per your needs and budget.

Things to Know before Buying Costco Hearing Aids

At Costco, you can go for a free hearing test at no obligation to buy a hearing aid from their store.

• Since Costco is only for members, you may need a membership to go to their hearing aid centers. If you not a member, you can always call ahead the location of your choice and know more about their hearing aid services and how to avail the same.

• Costco warehouses have private booths for conducting hearing tests. It can take up to an hour for the tests to complete. If you need a hearing device, you have many buying options from the collection of Costco hearing aids.

• The staff members at these centers do not receive a commission on the sale of Costco hearing aids. So, you can be rest assured that you are getting an unbiased service in terms of your need and the cost of hearing devices.

Types of Costco Hearing Aids

At Costco, you can find a wide variety of hearing devices and styles. These are available through different suppliers of hearing devices. All the hearing aid suppliers at Costco also keep innovating with better models and new features. So you can select a brand and style as per your preferences. Also, when you buy
Costco hearing aids, you also get the value pricing that is the hallmark of the company.

• One of the brands, Kirkland Signature, offers premium digital hearing aids that can cost you upward of $1600 per pair. These devices are available in many colors and styles. You can even customize them to suit your unique needs. These Costco hearing aids allow customized device settings using free iOS and Android apps. The latest model from Kirkland Signature hearing aids has technology to protect the instruments from moisture and dust particles.

• Other hearing aid brands available at Costco are ReSound, Phonak Brio and Rexton. Most Costco hearing aids are available at a starting price of $899 and upwards. These brands offer digital hearing aids with new features for better quality, comfort and ease of use. Devices from another brand Bernafon begin from $499 for a basic custom-in-the-ear style and can go up to $1299 for premium models.

• You can also choose different styles of Costco hearing aids such as behind-the-ear, open-fit, in-the-ear, completely-in-the-canal and more. Different styles support hearing loss at varying levels. For instance, in-the-ear is suitable for mild to more severe types of hearing loss and completely-in-the-canal is geared for mild to moderate levels of hearing impairment.

If you are planning to buy Costco hearing aids, take your time in selecting the style and brand most suitable to you in terms of comfort and pricing.