An Insight Into The Different Types Of Computer Accessories And Peripherals

One glance at our surroundings and we can conclude that the development of science and technology has definitely affected our lives. Of course, we think of the Internet as the greatest invention of all time, and it is true to some extent. However, the computer is what allows you to access this Internet. Yes, the mobile and your tabs do allow you to do the same, but the computer remains the first choice.

The computer might look like a simple device; you input something, and you get an output. The process looks quite simple, but there are thousands of functions that take place in a second to give you the desired output. What makes the computer a functional device is that various third-party devices could be attached to it for fulfilling different purposes. These are the different computer accessories and peripherals which, when attached to the computer, caters to the user’s different demands.

Though the term computer accessories and peripherals are used together, or rather interchangeably, but these are two entirely different concepts. Computer accessories are those devices that are attached to the computer and are simply additional devices. These aren’t imperative for the proper functioning of the computer. Whereas, computer peripherals are those devices that add to the computer’s functionality. These devices, when connected to the computer, serve a definite purpose.

So, here’s a list of computer accessories and peripherals that can be attached to the computer for different purposes.

Computer accessories

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) – People will agree that this is one of the most useful computer accessory ever. Many times, we lose our important work when the power supply stops abruptly or if there are certain surges and spikes of electricity, it might damage the equipment. In such cases, a UPS saves the day since it provides a continuous electrical supply and prevents loss of data.
  • Webcams – A webcam isn’t an integral part of the computer system but is a handy accessory. It allows you to view the other person who is at some other corner of the world. A webcam promotes instant messaging and PC video conferencing.
  • Headsets – Headsets are another important accessory that allows the user to listen and talk while you are working. These headsets are accompanied with speakers and microphone that are an integral part of any call center or gaming systems.
  • Joystick – The computer also doubles as a gaming system for people who are keen on playing online games. The joystick is an input device and allows the user to control the ongoings on the screen by controlling the joystick.

Computer peripherals

  • Mouse – The mouse which is commonly known as an input device is a computer peripheral. It is used to allow the user to navigate things on the screen. It helps the user select items on the screen and uses the cursor to perform functions.
  • Keyboard – A keyboard is another input device which is also a computer peripheral. The keyboard is a vital part of the computer system since it allows the user to type in commands and is instrumental in determining what the output will be.
  • Printers – People are familiar with printers, and these are usually considered to be output devices. These are in fact a computer peripheral since it allows the user to print information he deems important.
  • Flash drive – A flash drive or as we commonly refer to it as USB drive is one of the most important computer peripherals. It is a data storage device and includes a flash memory which possesses an integrated USB interface. These USB drives are removable and can be easily rewritten. Do not judge this device on its size, as it can store an extensive amount of data and allows transferring data from one device to another.