An Essential Guide To Travel Accessories For Men

An essential guide to travel accessories for men

Who said that travel packing for men is easy? All male travelers out there would agree and understand the struggles men face when it comes to organizing their luggage for a trip. Although most people believe that women are heavy packers, the truth is that if men pack without planning they too can classify as heavy packers.

So, how can men ensure that they remain light packers and have an organized suitcase on every trip they plan?

It is simple. They need to indulge in new-age, smart travel accessories that will help them make their whole travel experience smooth.

Read this article to know more about some of the best travel accessories men can invest in along with their suitcases.

• Scottevest QUEST Vest

For those who are done with carrying bags and are up for something new, you should check out the Scottevest QUEST Vest. Think again before assuming this to be your regular vest; it is far from it. With around 42 built-in compartments or pockets, this jacket can store as much as any regular small-size travel bag would.

It is comfortable to wear, can be layered on top of other garments, and is designed to be water and stain proof. If you want more, then you can always team it up with the same brand’s hidden cargo pants that are, again, water resistant and come with eight pockets.

• Seyvr Power Saver Wallet

The Seyvr Power Saver wallet is one of the most useful travel accessories you can own. This sleek wallet might look like your regular wallet, but it isn’t. This premium leather wallet has a built-in 1400mAh battery with an in-built cable that will help you charge your phone when you are traveling.

The best thing about this travel accessory is that it is compact and easy to carry around.

• Solar-Powered Anti-Theft Backpack

This weather-resistant bag is a must for all the travel freaks out there who cannot be bothered to worry about the safety of their luggage. One of the best features of this bag is its solar bank which can charge your phone almost 12 times if you fully charge it. To charge the solar bank, you must do nothing but simply walk with the bag on your shoulder under broad daylight. This backpack comes with an integrated lock where you can lock the zippers of the backpack as well as lock the bag to something if you are sitting somewhere. There are four hidden compartments in this sleek bag, where you can hide all your valuables.

It also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker that makes sure that you are never short of entertainment.

• AmazonBasics RFID Travel Organizer

As the name suggests, this product is a blessing for those who find it difficult to pack in an organized way. This easy-to-carry travel organizer is best if you want a bag to keep your cards, bills, passports, and all your essential travel documents.

What makes this travel bag stand out among other similar travel bags is its RFID blocking material, which ensures that whatever documents and private cards you keep inside the purse is protected from the unnecessary scanning you go through while traveling.

• Tech Dopp Kit 2

This is a stylish leather travel organizer that will put your regular travel accessories to shame. The organizer comes with a zipper and is said to have designed keeping in mind the 20th-century traditional Dopp kit. When you open the organizer, you will find leather straps where you can hook your USB cords, earplugs, and other wires. These straps can even hold your passport and other cards. At the bottom right, there is a zip compartment where you can keep smaller items and your valuables. With Tech Dopp Kit 2, you can never be unorganized.

So, which of the above travel accessories caught your eye?