All You Need to Know about Patio Furniture Seat Cushions

Garden or outdoor places such as pools have been places of relaxation and leisure. It is that place in a house where one would want to sit under the sun or have a Sunday brunch along with friends. However, it is no wonder that by then furniture would also evolve to accommodate such places.

Furniture that is used to decorate these spaces is often called outdoor furniture or patio furniture. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to make your patio comfortable, no less than your living room. The key to comfort is not just the kind of furniture you choose, but also the kind of patio furniture and the seat cushions for the same needs o complement them.


A patio can be done up as comfortably as any other space in the house, and just as stylistically. The key to an elegant patio space lies in understanding how you want it to look, and then getting the right kind of furniture. A patio should always be done up in a way that uses maximum outdoor light, never losing sight of the fact that if the weather turns for worse one might have to leave it there.

In that case, you would not want to choose material that cannot withstand daily wear-and-tear. Patio furniture with comfortable seat cushions is what makes all the difference. They brighten up the outdoor space of your home, which is also are easily removable and come in a wide variety. Imagine splashes of numerous colors and patterns you can experiment with.

You can choose from a wide variety of textures that are available at large in the market, or get one of your own choosing and have that tailor-made. Also, goes without saying, while choosing cushion fabric one should always opt for weather-resistant ones which last from season to season.


Always remember that when it comes to seat cushions of the patio furniture, the size and the material is an important feature to be considered before buying. Most often, people make the mistake of choosing seat cushions for the patio furniture without taking note of the correct measurements.

The wrong seat cushion can be uncomfortable, and this will not solve the purpose of having a patio furniture. The outdoor chair and seat cushions should not only fit the size of your patio furniture but also the shape: an oval seat cushion goes for a sofa but not for a chair, but if it is any bigger than half the size of your back, then it fits well for a lounge than a sofa. It is better to always get a proper measurement before settling for something. The better the fit of the seat cushions, better is the comfort level of the patio furniture.


There are different kinds of seat cushions for different purposes of the patio furniture. Often, these depend on the capacity of the patio space, or the kind of furniture one chooses for it. A lounge cushion seat is usually apt for Sunday naps than sofa cushions, which are more useful for a group of a people to sit and have brunch or have a small get together.

Another way to make a patio space more comfortable is to put up outdoor pillows, which you can almost put up on any hard surface that’s outside. They’re easily moveable, and a treat for the back while you spend hours talking about your favorite recipe or author. However, it is useful to keep certain distinctions in mind.

Smaller square pillows go better with a sofa whereas bolster pillows are useful for chairs and provide relaxation in case of long hours of sitting. If bench cushions and outdoor seat cushions do the job, ottoman cushions paired with proper backrest, or chaise lounge seat cushions are the ultimate deal as long as the requirement of the patio furniture is comfortable and at the same time solves its purpose.