All you need to know about Fiesta Dinnerware

Fiesta dinnerware is a popular range of ceramic glazed dinnerware which was introduced in the year 1936 by the Homer Laughlin China company. Fiesta dinnerware is best known for its bright colors and the art deco styling. What makes this dinnerware particularly distinct are its characteristic concentric circles. Though the original designs of Fiesta dinnerware have changed over the years, yet its basic ethos still remains the same. Some of the aspects that make Fiesta dinnerware so popular and appealing to customers have been listed below.

Unique range of products
Products glazed in different patterns attract the attention of probable customers. This aspect is what made it a unique brand in itself and people associated it with a particular shape. This was a clever move on behalf of Fiesta dinnerware manufacturers and it proved worthy in increasing the sale of the product range.

Popularity and marketing
This dinnerware range was introduced in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania during January 1936 at the annual pottery and glass exhibit. Though it was not the first colorful range of pottery, Fiesta dinnerware was the first widely marketed and promoted dinnerware throughout the country and it was able to attract the attention of probable customers. At the time of its introduction, Fiesta dinnerware consisted of 37 different and unique pieces. Some of this innovative range of products included candle holders which came in two designs, bud vase, and an ashtray. The production and capacity of the dinnerware increased at a tremendous pace and by 1940s around 64 different kinds of products were available for the customers. The company has transformed with time and has been able to maintain its hold on the market. This is the precise reason due to which it has been able to trade actively through auction sites and other such mediums.

Evolution of contemporary range of products
The manufacturers of this dinnerware range observed the changing trend in the market closely in the early 1980s. This was the time when the market of ceramic glazed dinnerware was changing and Fiesta dinnerware had to compete with the newly developing products. By 1986, considering the impending demand of the market, the company changed the product range to vitrified clay so that their product range was suitable to be marketed to the service industry and restaurant chains. The vitrified look also gave more strength to the product range which made the clay more durable. New colors including pink, black, Navy blue, white, and apricot were also added to the range of colors that existed for the dinnerware range. The dinnerware was now available with a glazed texture which made it smoother, harder, and shinier than the older range of products from Fiesta. The interest in the product range has also increased tremendously during the past few years and many people have paid special interest in collecting vintage products in the category. The manufacturers have also phased out and reintroduced some older range of products so as to keep the interest of consumers alive in the brand. About 34 new glaze colors have also been introduced by Fiesta and this has increased the interest of customers in the brand significantly. Some special edition colors including chocolate have also been reintroduced keeping the demand of niche customers in mind.

During the year 2009, the manufacturers introduced a new series of square dinnerware which was available for dinner, salad, and lunch plates. However, in October 2016, the company had to discontinue the production of square bowls and square mugs, considering their limited sales. Fiesta has been able to establish a niche for itself and people who have used its products over the generations are loyal towards even now.